Zombieland: AFK Survival2.6.2

Zombieland: AFK Survival v2.6.2

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Zombieland: AFK Survival 2.6.2
Loading... Zombieland: AFK Survival 2.6.2
Loading... Zombieland: AFK Survival 2.6.2
Loading... Zombieland: AFK Survival 2.6.2
Loading... Zombieland: AFK Survival 2.6.2
Loading... Zombieland: AFK Survival 2.6.2
Loading... Zombieland: AFK Survival 2.6.2
Loading... Zombieland: AFK Survival 2.6.2
Loading... Zombieland: AFK Survival 2.6.2
Loading... Zombieland: AFK Survival 2.6.2

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Jump into the shoes of your favorite characters in this zombie idle defense game and blow endless zombie brains out.

Hit the road and go on zombie-smashing adventures with your favorite wisecracking survivors.
Remember the rules and BE A HERO as you collect heroes and lead your squad in this epic zombie shooting game. It’s time to NUT UP or SHUT UP!

Set in the post-apocalyptic doomsday universe you’ll build upgraded squads of quirky characters level up with devastating defense equipment and survive incremental grinding levels of difficulty against grueling zombies in these addictive idle rpg adventure games. Defend yourself and your squad against vicious idle zombie attacks or suffer the consequences.

How do you survive a zombie village world? Rule #29: The Buddy System. In this idle rpg
game you collect heroes including all-new characters.

Buckle up hero you’re in for a grinding & exhilarating zombie defense adventure. Put the pedal to the metal and roadtrip across America through Boston Las Vegas Atlanta and more! Send multiple squads out in this zombie clicker game to rake in more upgrades & loot to level up in multiple defense games!

One in the chest one in the head! Tap to target zombies as you defend from and attack swarms of the undead. Activate and unlock unique and fun abilities for each hero. Tap to upgrade your characters with weapons and new upgrades to win the ultimate zombie idle war.

You’re going to need to pack a punch to take on gigantic waves of idle zombies and zombie village bosses in this defense game. Idle upgrades are the name of the zombie shooting game.
Collect and upgrade tons of deadly weapons including rifles pistols machine guns and knives!
Shooting zombies has never been more intoxicating!

Quips banters and one-liners are all included in this zombie attack rpg idle game. Everything you know & love about zombie games is packed into this zombie clicker game’s escapades!

Tower of Babylon
The ultimate zombie tower nonstop idle clicker game. Your ultimate goal? Defend your way to the top to claim shards from a mystery hero by shooting zombies. To win you’ll need to battle your way up the tower by utilizing different characters weapons and attacks. Beware! Shooting zombies becomes incrementally harder as your idle defense gets stronger with upgrades and skill.

Kill of the Week
Put your afk game skills to the test and compete against other heros for the Kill of the Week. Pick your poison and choose from 5 leagues with different rules & regulations. You’ll collect points and whoever comes out on top of the classification at the end of the event will receive special rewards & upgrades. It’s rpg idle war! Will you be on top of the zombie defense list?

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Website: http://zombielandgame.com/
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Zombieland: AFK Survival / What's New in v2.6.2

KUNLUN - Buddhist monk who can make zombies one with the universe. Sorta.
HIDALGO - Lucha Libre técnico that destroys zombi rudos from the top rope.
INDIANAPOLIS - Race car driver that won’t let a horde of zombies slow him down.
DAYTONA - Pit crew chief that can refit the whole squad in a flash & get’em back in the race.
New Events:
Earn exclusive rewards in the CINCO DE MAYO and HOT WHEELS events.

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