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Force 4G LTE v1.7

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Force 4G LTE 1.7
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Force 4G LTE is an application that helps you force your device into 4G LTE mode.

Most devices will not allow you to enter 4G LTE mode alone they are restricted to 4G/3G/2G options together. This does not always work as sometimes your device will pic the 3G network over the 4G network.

Force 4G LTE is here to help you combat this restriction. With Force 4G LTE you can put your device in 4G LTE mode only thereby your device will not have to make the choice for you.

Force 4G LTE also has the advanced and statistics setting option which shows you your engineering screen to see advanced settings features for your device. It also comes with network statistics feature.

Force 4G LTE is not responsible for any tampering with advanced settings on your device use with caution.

This feature might not work on all devices due to manufacturer restrictions.

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