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GNSS speedometer v1.7.0

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GNSS speedometer 1.7.0
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Loading... GNSS speedometer 1.7.0
Loading... GNSS speedometer 1.7.0
Loading... GNSS speedometer 1.7.0
Loading... GNSS speedometer 1.7.0
Loading... GNSS speedometer 1.7.0
Loading... GNSS speedometer 1.7.0
Loading... GNSS speedometer 1.7.0
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GNSS speedometer / Description

GNSS Speedometer is a simple lightweight completely free and ad-free app that uses GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems: GPS GLONASS etc). You can use the app in your car motorcycle bicycle and even on an airplane. Accuracy depends on the accuracy of your device's navigation module as well as weather conditions terrain natural and man-made obstacles and other factors. In any case your device should see some part of the sky for maximum accuracy.


• Russian and English languages

• Units of measurement: km/h — kilometers MPH — miles knots — nautical miles. When changing units of measurement the current average maximum speed and odometer are immediately corrected.

• Five speed ranges: 0–30 0–60 0–120 0–240 0–1200. For the most accurate readings select the range that matches your driving mode.

• AMOLED anti-Burn-in. The app main screen shifts a few pixels every 9 seconds. 20 steps one way then 20 steps back. The option helps to reduce OLED/AMOLED display burn-in.

• No internet connection required or used

• Current speed in analog or digital format

• Four colors of the odometer. Just tap the total mileage to change the color.

• Display of average and maximum speed altitude and coordinates of the current location

• Current time in 24h or 12h format

• Ability to send your coordinates by simply pressing one button. With this button children can quickly and easily send their coordinates to parents in an emergency.

• Recording a track in two formats KML and GPX

• The application can work when the screen is off as well as simultaneously with another application such as Google Maps. If you see a notification in the status bar then the GNSS speedometer is running. To stop the GNSS speedometer tap back (usually indicated by a triangle or arrow) when the app's main screen is open.


In the upper left corner the icon of the presence / absence of a satisfactory signal from satellites the number of used / visible satellites the types of navigation systems used (Android 7 and later) are displayed.

In the upper right corner there is the " i " button — information about the application and the settings button.

In the lower left corner the estimated positioning accuracy is displayed.

In the lower right corner there is a button for sending the coordinates of the current location. Did you make an appointment to meet someone but they can't find you? Just send your coordinates in any convenient way: SMS instant messengers social networks email etc. To see the location the obtained coordinates can be copied into the search bar of Google Maps Google Earth Yandex.Maps Yandex.Navigator 2GIS OsmAnd and other similar applications. This method works even if there is no internet connection provided that offline maps of the corresponding area have been downloaded.

Round "R" button to reset trip odometer to zero.

Round button "track" to enable / disable track recording. At the end of the recording you will be prompted to save one or two files: one with the "gpx" extension the other with the "kml" extension. The default name for each file is "date_recording start time" for example "2020-08-03_10h23m37s.kml" and "2020-08-03_10h23m37s.gpx". You can view a KML track in Google Earth GPX track in GPX track viewer.


GNSS speedometer uses data from navigation satellite systems to determine speed and calculate distance traveled so permission is required to access the device's location.


GNSS Speedometer Privacy Policy: https://sites.google.com/view/gnssspeedometer/privacy-policy

More information https://sites.google.com/view/gnssspeedometer/description

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GNSS speedometer / What's New in v1.7.0

- You can choose the track file format: GPX, KML, or both
- You can reset the average or maximum speed with a long click on the value
- Android multi-window support

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