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Handy List v6.4 (Paid)

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Handy List 6.4 (Paid)
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Prioritise items and tick them off when done. Perfect for shopping "to do" lists and for planning what to take on your next trip away.

HandyList allows you to manage a number of lists. As you complete each item you can tick it off and then delete all the ticked items. Items can be prioritised with colour coding and a list can be exported to a text file.

This app works great on your phone but is probably unique in that it will also work stand-alone on Android / Wear OS smartwatches - even when the watch is in aeroplane mode or far away from your phone. The "wrist list" mode of the app includes a built-in scrolling keyboard that allows you to enter list and item names directly from your watch! But if you prefer typing on your phone then you can create the list there and send it to your watch instead.

You can also Email or SMS a list to a friend.

The app has been tested on both round (Moto 360) and rectangular (Sony Smartwatch 3) Android Wear watches.

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@Nocna Furia

6.3: Updated to target SDK 30 as required by Google.
6.2: Updated to target SDK 29 as required by Google.
6.1: Fixed a bug which was causing a crash if you try to add a list when there are none already.
6.0: Added the ability to re-order lists by adding a "Sorting" option to the main page menu.

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