Flipd Focus & Study Timer3.10.77 (Premium)

Flipd Focus & Study Timer v3.10.77 (Premium)

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Flipd Focus & Study Timer 3.10.77 (Premium)
Loading... Flipd Focus & Study Timer 3.10.77 (Premium)
Loading... Flipd Focus & Study Timer 3.10.77 (Premium)
Loading... Flipd Focus & Study Timer 3.10.77 (Premium)
Loading... Flipd Focus & Study Timer 3.10.77 (Premium)
Loading... Flipd Focus & Study Timer 3.10.77 (Premium)
Loading... Flipd Focus & Study Timer 3.10.77 (Premium)
Loading... Flipd Focus & Study Timer 3.10.77 (Premium)

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Track all your productive activities with Flipd. Join millions of students and productivity enthusiasts to reach your daily goals! Log all of your studying focus reading learning work time and more analyse your progress and join communities for free!

Whether you're studying for final exams or learning something new turn your smartphone into a sophisticated productivity timer & tracker with Flipd.

5 ways to track your productivity with Flipd:

Track and tag every activity and keep them organized in your productivity stats. Measure your progress like average productive time time on break day streaks milestones and more.

Prepare for each session with a motivating or inspiring quote. Take a few deep breaths before you get to work!

Listen to curated lofi radio streams and relaxing background music while you focus. Find a track for any mood!

Push yourself to reach your goals and compete with others with daily weekly and monthly leaderboard challenges.

Join Live timed focus and study sessions with your friends clubs and popular studygram influencers!

PERFORMANCE: Track categorize and compare your history of productive activities and performance over time and see where you rank against other community members around the world. Track your progress & analyse your performance in your stats.

FULL LOCK MODE: Stay motivated and focused toward your goals by locking away your most distracting apps and games. Create a whitelist of only the apps you really need!

CONNECT & SHARE: Record all of your productive activities on Flipd so friends and followers can keep up with your progress. Join Groups created by your favorite studygram influencers schools clubs and friends to find motivation and a strong sense of community. Show off your progress and achievements with them!

SUBSCRIBE: Flipd is free to download but get access to a fully customizable experience with a premium subscription. Enable unlimited session lengths whitelist accessible apps take multiple breaks track your entire Flipd history set daily goals and reminders listen to curated music tracks and much more. Dive deep into your productivity data with advanced statistics & extensive features!

Need help? Contact the team directly at [email protected]

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At Flipd, we believe that reaching your goals is a lot easier when you have a buddy alongside you. It helps you feel motivated to accomplish something more challenging, and a little competition goes a long way too! In this update, we've redesigned the Groups UX so that it's more fun and user-friendly. You can now join or create a live group event, like a study-with-me or a book club! Join thousands of others using Flipd around the world together, or even just your close friends. Explore & enjoy!

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