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STIB-MIVB 2.4.27
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The STIB-MIVB App is your partner for all your journeys through Brussels. Enjoy a personalised experience to plan your journeys through Brussels and beyond by including STIB-MIVB and the other transport operators in Brussels.

To do so create your account which will allow you to access a variety of functionalities. You already have a STIB-MIVB account on MyBOOTIK (the online service to purchase transport tickets)? Great! Just use your MyBOOTIK user ID to log on!

The itinerary search of the STIB-MIVB App is the best door-to-door solution. Thanks to the positioning system that includes a transport mode optimisation (on foot bus tram metro or even train) you can get effortlessly from your departure point to your final destination. Launch an itinerary search and follow the instructions. Once you are in your transport mode (bus tram metro) the app will warn you to alight when you arrive near your stop. When you finished your itinerary your journey will be added to your frequently used lines. Moreover you can find your recent itinerary searches.

You wish to think ahead and organise a journey in advance? No problem! Simply save your request and the app will warn you when it's time to go!

The possible disruptions on your frequently used lines and the lines near your position are always available. With one click you can see the waiting time in real time at the stops nearby or the timetables of a line. You can save your favourite destinations and rename them. Thanks to this functionality you can immediately launch your itinerary to one of your favourite destinations. What's more you can save a stop or line in your favourites so as to immediately consult the waiting time at the stop and the possible related disruptions or the line detail.

When consulting a line the information regarding lines parallel to this line is easily accessible. It will allow you to manage your journey and to optimise it by taking the first line servicing your stop.

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STIB-MIVB / What's New in v2.4.27

In this new app version, the registration and login screens have been redesigned and modernized in line with the rest of the app. The welcome sequence for new users has also been updated and the app as a whole has been made more accessible.

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