Satellite Finder (Dish pointer)1.2

Satellite Finder (Dish pointer) v1.2

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Satellite Finder (Dish pointer) 1.2
Loading... Satellite Finder (Dish pointer) 1.2
Loading... Satellite Finder (Dish pointer) 1.2
Loading... Satellite Finder (Dish pointer) 1.2
Loading... Satellite Finder (Dish pointer) 1.2
Loading... Satellite Finder (Dish pointer) 1.2
Loading... Satellite Finder (Dish pointer) 1.2

Satellite Finder (Dish pointer) / Description

Finding a TV satellite or an antenna in azimuth can be pretty difficult. Satellite Finder with Digital compass app is a full tool to set tv dish antenna Satellite. Satfinder will give you accurate azimuth elevation and it will provide you to clinometer and bubble level meter to set proper tv dish antenna based on GPS satellite navigation. User can select satellite from list to set the dish satellite direction. User can see satellite data like longitude and latitude and show your position on google map.
Satellite tracker
Satellite director easily finds out where a satellite can be located around the world. Sat direction finder gives precise azimuthal angle elevation of satellite and LNB skew angle for your location. Satellite detector provides details based on GPS for the selected satellite. Built-in gyro compass finds you proper azimuthal angle for satellite.
Before you can find it with a compass you have to do some calculations using GPS location magnetic variation compass azimuth and satellite azimuth. In satellite finder application you can select any satellite in this app like ABS 2 Afghansat 1 Africasat 1a Afristar Al Yah 1 Amos 3 Amos 4 Arabsat 2B Arabsat 5A Arabsat 5C Asiasat Asiasat 4 Asiasat 7 Hellas Sat 2 Hellas Sat 3 Horizons 2 Hot Bird 13A Hot Bird 13B/C/E Insat 4A Intelsat 10-02 Intelsat 12 Intelsat 15 Intelsat 20 Intelsat 22 Intelsat 28 Intelsat 29e Intelsat 33e Intelsat 36 Telkom 1 Telkom 3S Asiasat 6 Asiastar Astar 19.2E Astra G Astra 3A/B/1E Astra 4A Azerspace 1 BADR-3 BADR-4/5/6/7 BSAT 3A Belintersat 1 ChinaSat 11 Chinasat 12 ChinaSat 6A chinaSat 6B ChinaSat 9 ChinaSat 10 Es’hail 1 Eutelsat 10A Eutelsat 16A/B/C Eutelsat 21B Eutelsat 25B Eutelsat 33C elsat 8 West C Eutelsat 9B Eutelsat Telecom 2D Express AM33 Express AM5 Express AM6 Express AM7 Express AMU1 Express AT1 Express AT2 G-SAT 10 G-SAT 17 Thaicom Thaicom 4. Satellite pointer app is a tool that will help you set up a satellite dish. It will give you LNB azimuth elevation and tilt for your location based on the selected satellite from the list.
Bubble Level – Inclinometer
Live Earth Map:
This Live Earth Map has the four view of earth like Normal view Hybrid view Satellite view and Terrain view to give you a better understanding of the places. It also indicated the traffic flow.
Best Level functioning the same as its real physical equivalent (also known as libella spirit level or bubble level). Using it you can easily check if the measured surface is truly flat. An inclinometer or clinometers is an instrument for measuring angles of slope (or tilt) elevation or inclination of an object with respect to gravity. It is also known as gradient meter gradiometer level gauge level meter declinometer and pitch & roll indicator.
Digital compass

You will get one of the best augmented reality technology so far. Point your phone’s camera to look at all available satellites for your location in real time. Just tap (AR Display) button of home window.

Salient Features Of Satellite Finder :
Align your dish with accurate angle with satellite.
Satellite view above your location where to point the dish
More Than 160 Satellites available worldwide
Select the choice of satellite by clicking find button on the app. You will get azimuth of your selected Satellite with it's angle degree.
Gyro Compass: Shows cardinal direction and coordinated to the earth magnetic field.
AR Display
Level Meter
Live map
Vibrate on finding exact satellite pointer
Accuracy of measurement with Bubble Level
How to use this app:

1. Enable your internet and location on your device.
2. Select your desired satellite.
3. Calibrate your dish antenna to the perfect point accordingly.
This Satellite Finder app uses your phone sensor to get your azimuth so satellite position calculation depends on the accuracy of your mobile sensors.

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