華語TV-華人追劇必備-中文影視大全-免費電視劇電影-華語連續劇下載-古裝劇 v3.7.7

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華語TV-華人追劇必備-中文影視大全-免費電視劇電影-華語連續劇下載-古裝劇 / Specifications

華語TV-華人追劇必備-中文影視大全-免費電視劇電影-華語連續劇下載-古裝劇 / Screenshots

華語TV-華人追劇必備-中文影視大全-免費電視劇電影-華語連續劇下載-古裝劇 3.7.7
Loading... 華語TV-華人追劇必備-中文影視大全-免費電視劇電影-華語連續劇下載-古裝劇 3.7.7
Loading... 華語TV-華人追劇必備-中文影視大全-免費電視劇電影-華語連續劇下載-古裝劇 3.7.7
Loading... 華語TV-華人追劇必備-中文影視大全-免費電視劇電影-華語連續劇下載-古裝劇 3.7.7

華語TV-華人追劇必備-中文影視大全-免費電視劇電影-華語連續劇下載-古裝劇 / Description




《秋蟬》《三生三世十里桃花》《安家》《三生三世枕上書》《幸福觸手可及》《親愛的義祁君》《東宮》《如懿傳》《古董局中局》《奈何boss要娶我》《小女花不棄》《彼岸花》《少年的你》《鶴唳華亭》《老中醫》《逆流而上的你》《暖暖請多指教》《扶搖》《將夜》《新白娘子傳奇》《都挺好》《清平樂》《龍嶺迷窟》《人民的名義》《慶餘年》《雙世寵妃》《長相守》《陳情令》《楚喬傳》 《錦繡未央》《傳聞中的陳芊芊》《沙海》《延禧攻略》《那年花開月正圓》《桃花劫》《韞色過濃》《公主駕到》《鬥破蒼穹》《鬥羅大陸》《芸汐傳》《嚮往的生活》系列《奔跑吧》《創造營2020》《極限挑戰第六季》

Huayu TV is a playback software that focuses on collecting videos. In it you can search for popular movies and classic videos from all over the world to meet the tastes of different people. The picture quality is high-definition and you can enjoy a high-quality movie watching experience!

【Rich resources】
1. Movie and TV series original soundtrack OST theme song/MV
2. Wonderful and popular mainland dramas Chinese TV series costume dramas Hong Kong dramas Korean dramas Japanese dramas Thai dramas American dramas British dramas
3. Funny variety shows: mainland variety shows European and American variety shows Japanese and Korean variety shows Hong Kong and Taiwan variety shows
4. High-quality movies: mainland movies Taiwanese movies Hong Kong movies Korean movies Japanese movies European and American movies
5. Commentary Tucao: Movie commentary TV series commentary celebrity gossip hot search
6. Animation cartoons: Japanese cartoons American cartoons national cartoons children cartoons classic cartoons passionate cartoons pure love cartoons horror cartoons adventure cartoons

1. Watch massive HD Chinese TV series for free
2. Support offline watching after downloading saving data to follow the show anytime anywhere
3. Support cast screen viewing can be watched on TV
4. Recommend the latest and best-watched dramas every day no longer have to worry about not knowing what to watch!

[On Air]
"Autumn Cicada" "Sansheng Sanshi Shili Peach Blossom" "Settlement" "Sansheng Sanshi Pillow Book" "Happiness is within reach" "Dear Yiqijun" "East Palace" "Ruyi's Biography" "Antique Bureau Middle Game" "Naihe" "Boss Wants to Marry Me" "The Little Girl Does Not Abandon" "The Flower of the Other Side" "The Young You" "Crane Huating" "Old Chinese Medicine" "You Going Upstream" "Warm and Nuan Please Advice" "Swinging" "Jiangye" " "The Legend of the New White Lady" "Everything is Good" "Qingpingle" "Longling Miku" "The Name of the People" "Celebrating the New Year" "The Eternal Love" "Long Xiangshou" "Chen Qingling" "Chu Qiao Biography" " "Splendid Weiyang" "The Rumored Chen Qianqian" "The Sea of ​​Sand" "The Story of Yanxi Palace" "The Flower Blooming and the Moon Is Full That Year" "Peach Blossom Tribulation" "The color is too strong" "The princess arrives" "Fighting through the sky" and "Douluo" Mainland China "The Legend of Yun Xi" "Longing for Life" series "Run" "Creation Camp 2020" "Extreme Challenge Season 6"
Series "Escape the Room" "Sweet honey as embers as frost" "Do you know if it should be green fat red and thin"

More exciting in Chinese TV! If you have good comments or suggestions you can contact us through the contact information in the software!

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華語TV-華人追劇必備-中文影視大全-免費電視劇電影-華語連續劇下載-古裝劇 / What's New in v3.7.7


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華語TV-華人追劇必備-中文影視大全-免費電視劇電影-華語連續劇下載-古裝劇 / Tags

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