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GOOD TV Lite 1.0.0
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好消息綜合台、真理台、GOOD TV+ 好消息網路台


App 5.0 新增功能:
1. 新增 GOOD TV+ 好消息網路台,每天依時段推薦您優質內容
2. 背景音頻播放,關閉螢幕自動由視頻轉為音頻播放
3. 個人播放器設定(註冊後可使用):省略片頭、自訂倒快轉秒數、斷點續看
4. 自動懸浮視窗,邊看邊選
5. 手機深色模式支援
6. Chromecast 投放
7. 隨選節目各層分類,依「系列」、「單集」列示
Content features:
Good News Comprehensive Channel Truth Channel GOOD TV+ Good News Network Channel
Thousands of episodes of on-demand programs updated regularly every week

Full collection:
Gospel testimony information from domestic and foreign speakers prayer spirituality special meeting information equipment courses poetry and music national news family and children etc.

New features in App 5.0:
1. Added GOOD TV+ good news network station recommending you high-quality content according to the time of day
2. Background audio playback turn off the screen automatically from video to audio playback
3. Personal player settings (available after registration): omit the title customize the number of seconds to rewind and continue watching after a break
4. Automatically hover windows select while watching
5. Mobile phone dark mode support
6. Chromecast launch
7. Classification of on-demand programs at each level listed by "series" and "single episodes"

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