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VPN Hotspot & Proxy 4.2
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An app that enables you to run your own proxy server on your Android device.

Through your mobile hotspot you can now share your VPN's connection to other devices like your laptop or TV without installing other additional VPNs on those devices and as well go past hotspot limitation provided by the ISP.

To share your VPN's connection first enable your hotspot and then start this app. The VPN can be connected before starting the hotspot or after starting the hotspot.

Also if you want to bypass the ISP's limitation just start the hotspot and then start this app.

The proxy server-generated will bind your connection to the IP Address assigned to your Android device thereby enabling you to use the connection from the connected device.

VPN Hotspot & Proxy supports Light and Dark mode depending on your system's settings.

Detailed guide on how to use your VPN Hotspot & Proxy

1. Start your wifi hotspot connection from the phone whose internet you want to share and connect your laptop or other devices.

2. Connect your favorite VPN (For those that want to share their VPN connection).

3. Open your VPN Hotspot & Proxy app.

4. Enter the proxy port for instance 8080 or any other port and tap on Start Proxy Server to start the service.

5.1.1 On your connected laptop go to Settings -> Proxy Settings -> Manual -> Enter Proxy hostname/address shown and proxy port as shown on your VPN Hotspot and Proxy App then save and that's it.

5.2.1 If you want to share the connection to another android phone or tv. Then install Proxy My Apps on the second device link to the app is here https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ostechnologies.proxymyapps

5.2.2 Open Proxy My Apps on the second android phone or TV enter proxy address and port as shown on the VPN Hotspot and Proxy app separated by a colon for example; (note the ":" separating the address and port) then click connect to allow all apps use the proxy.

6. Test your connection by opening apps.

7. Remember to remove those proxy changes that you've made on the PC once you are not using the VPN Hotspot & Proxy app i.e when you are connected to other wifi hotspots.

If you appreciate the wonderful works of the developers please rate them and give them kudos/feedback on areas to improve.

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VPN Hotspot & Proxy / What's New in v4.2

1. Solved the issue where the app was not working on some devices.
2. Added the functionality of sharing the VPN connection even when the phone is connected on wifi (and not hotspotting) as long as all the devices are connected on the same wifi.
3. Improvements on the app UI and performance.
4. Removed hotspot/wifi check - make sure your device's hotspot is on or that you are connected to wifi before you start service.

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