Battery Guru: Monitor & Saverv1.9.5.2

Battery Guru: Monitor & Saver vv1.9.5.2

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Battery Guru: Monitor & Saver v1.9.5.2
Loading... Battery Guru: Monitor & Saver v1.9.5.2
Loading... Battery Guru: Monitor & Saver v1.9.5.2
Loading... Battery Guru: Monitor & Saver v1.9.5.2
Loading... Battery Guru: Monitor & Saver v1.9.5.2
Loading... Battery Guru: Monitor & Saver v1.9.5.2
Loading... Battery Guru: Monitor & Saver v1.9.5.2
Loading... Battery Guru: Monitor & Saver v1.9.5.2

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🔋 Battery Guru displays battery usage information measures battery capacity (mAh) show estimates and helps you change your charging habits with useful tips to prolong battery life and increase its lifespan.

🏆 Designed to keep the battery in the best condition and bring it a healthy life
⭐ Taking care of battery health and optimize its performance
❤ Showing the health of your battery

Batteries have a limited lifespan every time you charge your device it wears out the battery lowering it's total (design) capacity.
Now you can reduce wear spend less time with your device attached to its charger and get more out of your mobile life without constant concerns about the low battery level.
Use Battery Guru to find the fastest charger and USB cable for your device. Measure the charging current (in mA) to find out!
The app will show you max current achieved while charging.

- Measure real battery capacity (in mAh) dual battery configuration is supported.
- Use the charge and temperature alarm to prolong battery lifespan.
- Detailed applications usage
- Insight into wakelocks since last unplug
- Remaining charge time - know how long it takes before your battery is charged.
- Remaining use time - know when you will run out of battery.
- Screen on or screen off estimations.
- Check the percentage of deep sleep and awake time
- Detailed ongoing notification for real-time battery statistics

Choose status bar indicator based on your need:
- How current mA
- Temperature
- Battery level
- And combination of them

- Sections dedicated for battery stats including charge/discharge percentage and estimated time for full charge/discharge.
Display information about battery: voltage temperature capacity and battery health status battery charging/discharging history...
The section also provides info about App statistics wake-locks and deep sleep/awake time of the device.

- Charging records are also part of the charging section this will tell you how much you take care of the device battery is your charging healthy or not. Charging records also have advanced info to show your charging history for the last 3 months.

Discharging section provided discharging history including advanced stats so you can get precisely insights about the discharging

- At the protection section you can set reminders for battery temperature and charging limits. As we know those are two unwanted factors that degrade our batteries. Use suggested protectors to prolong your battery life and keep it in nice condition.

- Get estimated battery health at any time. Health section also contain useful tips for saving our beloved battery everything is well described and "human-readable".

- Save more battery with fine-tuning Doze on your device. Make your device go idle faster which means less power consumption while the screen is off.
Enabling aggressive doze to make default doze behavior aggressive much as possible and reduce power consumption doze optimization will set perfectly optimized parameters to maximize your battery life. Well configured doze will make your device sleep like a baby this is definitely the best and the most perfect battery saver.

- Save section contains saving modes two of them are already managed and unchangeable while one remains customizable. Manually managed mode automatically reads the device current state.

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Battery Guru: Monitor & Saver / What's New in vv1.9.5.2

- Added charging speed checker
- Updated Aggressive and Doze optimization parameters
- Updated dependencies
- Updated translations
- Updated app UI

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