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The Play's the Thing 1.0.4
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Can you win fame fortune and romance as a playwright before a deadly curse brings the curtain down for good?

"The Play's the Thing" is a 245000-word interactive romantic fantasy novel by Jo Graham and Amy Griswold best-selling authors of "Stronghold: A Hero's Fate" and "The Eagle's Heir." It's entirely text-based without graphics or sound effects and fueled by the vast unstoppable power of your imagination.

Become the official playwright at the Odeon the most prestigious theater in Medaris. Here high society gathers to gossip frolic and flirt. Dazzling special effects enhanced by real magical enchantments keep the audience in their seats. The plays you write have the power to manipulate public opinion changing the course of history.

But as you're waiting for your first opening night rumors begin flying. Deadly shadowy creatures are stalking the city's streets. Mysterious accidents threaten your productions. It's a curse people whisper—but only where the city's harsh ruler the Raven can't hear them. And to discover the roots of the curse you'll have to dig deep into secrets that the city's nobles would prefer to stay safely buried.

The city's quarreling rulers have strong opinions about your theater but they're also susceptible to its powers. Will you inspire them to save Medaris or destroy it as they destroy each other? Will you insinuate yourself into their hearts and minds? Will you expose their darkest secrets?

Will you write your way out of the tragedy that threatens your city or call down the curse deliberately carving your name in the annals of infamy?

• Play as male female or nonbinary; gay straight bisexual aromantic or asexual.
• Win popular fame critical acclaim or royal favor and avoid scandalous exile.
• Find love or lasting friendship with your actor buddy the theater's acerbic director a swashbuckling city guard or the heir to the city.
• Manage quarreling actors skeptical critics deadly enemies and a dancing bear!
• Uncover mysterious secrets from the Raven's past—and your own.
• Battle dark creatures with enchantment swordplay or spectacular monologues.
• Assassinate the city's tyrannical ruler or win them over with your inspiring productions.
• Use your fabulous wardrobe to play whatever role will win the day.

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A number of typos and continuity fixes, particular in chapter 9. If you enjoy "The Play's the Thing", please leave us a written review. It really helps!

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