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XTREMEMusic™ App v6.8.3

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XTREMEMusic™ App 6.8.3
Loading... XTREMEMusic™ App 6.8.3
Loading... XTREMEMusic™ App 6.8.3
Loading... XTREMEMusic™ App 6.8.3
Loading... XTREMEMusic™ App 6.8.3

XTREMEMusic™ App / Description

This apps works better on rooted phones but works also on NOT ROOTED phones!

Whatt is XTREMEMusic™? Learn more here:https://www.antoniocirielli.it/2019/06/06/xtrememusic-audio-enahncement/

Official Developer site: www.antoniocirielli.it

Official Reddit communty and updates here! https://www.reddit.com/r/Xtrememusicmod

XTREMEMusic™ Enhancement available in FREE vresion:

XTREMEMusic™ Hi-Res Restorer
• Analyse compressed music file (like m4a or mp3..) and restore lost frequencies to bring your file back to near Hi-Res quality (32bit 192khz)

Hi-Res Audio enhancer™
• Apply some exclusive effects using Enhancer™ algorithm nto enhance Hi-Res audio playback

Ultra Hi-Res Audio™
• Enable Ultra Hi-Res 32bit 384Khz audio resampling!

Our full system SoundMod wich is and has always been FREE for you!

Want more for your device sound?

Install XTREMEMusic™ Pro here https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=androidexpert35.com.xtrememusicpro

Remove ads and enjoy our EXCLUSIVE 7 audio enhancement algorithms! Including:

Samplerate Hi-Res Booster™
• Push your sound at the best like never before!
Unique algorithm to automatically set professional studio configuration for your ALSA sound card and get near studio recording quality!

Lossless Enhancer™
• Unique incredible feature to enhance Lossless quality: Restore FLAC compression purify the playback enhance the clarity use Enhancer™ algorithm to automatically optimize resampling quality!

XTREMEMusic™ Power Manager™
• Save more battery: Optimize automatically your Sound Card parameters to save battery in music playback

Speaker Hi-Res Audio Enabler™
• Unique incredible feature to enable Hi-Res Audio Output (32bit 192Khz) on your phone speaker(s)

Qualcomm Hexagon DSP Enhancer™
• Incredible Exclusive algorithm to automatically optimize your Qualcomm Hexagon DSP with values calculated on your device Sound Card!

Now moved on G+! project is not dead and new updates have been released!

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XTREMEMusic™ App / What's New in v6.8.3

New XTREMEMusic™ App v6.8.3

- Fixed Action bar app layout & some bugs
- Added contact support center in Settings -> Support & Help -> contact support
- Quick fix, app randomly crashes after new update
- Added power button for all effects
- Improved Bluetooth algorithms
- New notifications layout and icons
- Improved the car mode
- Improved Tablet UI
- Fixed telegram group link

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