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Despite its name this application is not an IDE (Integrated Development Environment). AIDE Studio was created to help develop Android applications with AIDE.
AIDE is an IDE popularly used to develop Android apps on the Android device itself. Already AIDE Studio works as a kind of "add-on" to help in this development. If you do not develop applications or do not use AIDE this application will probably be useless to you.

*. Main Functions:
- Project Creation: Create projects with more customization options than AIDE. You can define the application and package name (only options available in AIDE) minSdkVersion and targetSdkVersion Activity name and main layout among other things. The project also comes with some extra features like a menu.
- Project Management: You can rename and delete projects quickly. Note that when renaming a project you will not be renaming the application name.
- Creating Activities: With AIDE Studio you can navigate to the desired folder (within your source code in the "java" folder) and easily create Activities. Just choose the class name and layout and choose to use AppCompatActivity. The process of creating java and xml files (class and layout respectively) is done automatically as is the declaration of Activity in AndroidManifest.
- Permissions Management: When opening a project you can click on AndroidManifest.xml to see all declared permissions. You can add and remove permissions very quickly. Remember that depending on your app's permission and targetSdkVersion you should also ask for runtime permission on Android Marshmallow (6.0 API 23) and higher. This app only manages the permissions on the project's AndroidManifest. Runtime permissions should be managed directly in the application source code as needed.

*. Extra Functions:
- Default Project Folder: Set the default folder where you store your projects. Initially the default folder is AIDE's own folder "AppProjects" located in internal memory.
- Theme: Set a theme for the application from a few theme options.
- Filter Projects: If you want only Android application projects developed in AIDE to be shown in the list enable this option. Thus Java application projects websites etc. will not be displayed in the list. We recommend using this as it avoids seeing projects incompatible with AIDE Studio as it only works on Android application projects.

It is important to remember that this app does not work with code editing layout preview or the like. It is designed solely to assist in the development of applications made with AIDE. When creating projects Activities and managing permissions with AIDE Studio you must use AIDE to develop your applications.

Note: This app has no connection with the developers or the AIDE team itself nor does it use any features of its own.

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• Discontinued application. Thanks for all the support!

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