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A HVAC tool designed to convert saturation pressure (PSIG) to saturation temperature (°F) - A navigatable Pressure (PSIG) to Temperature (°F) conversion chart for the following commonly used HVAC/R refrigerants: R22 | R410a | R407c | R134a | R404a. View and navigate through a full list of refrigerant saturation P/T statistics for 5 commonly used refrigerants degree by degree between -14 °F and 500 °F including degree by degree saturation pressure (PSIG). All statistics are listed in view with no need to type and convert any readings - just swipe up or down to navigate the chart and pinpoint the information you need!

Includes both dew point and bubble point statistics for refrigerants that have notable temperature glides.

Useful app if your in the field and happen to be using a older manifold / pressure gauge that doesn't include the conversion chart on the gauge for each of the above refrigerants. Use for your troubleshooting and diagnostic purposes or even when filling out paper work.

Simply drag the screen/chart to your Pressure and Temperature selection of choice to view every respected conversion degree by degree between (°F) temperature and (PSIG) pressure.

1. Open the OpenHVAC P/T Chart application on your device.

2. Select from the 5 respected refrigerants listed via tabs at the top of the application to view that refrigerants P/T statistics.

3. Swipe up or down to navigate the selected refrigerant's P/T chart.

This program was written for the maintenance departments at the hospitals that I do HVAC work for as an aid for their diagnostic and learning purposes when they do their HVAC preventative maintenance inspections and also to help the maintenance departments fill out their paperwork. I noticed most of maintenace crew have old manifolds that only convert P/T for 2 or 3 refrigerants and also noticed they wont upgrade their tools so naturally when trouble calls come in on the weekends they often would call me to come diagnose a situation and with this chart instead of calling me and hearing the ole: "You have to go because I dont have a gauge that will show that one!" excuse they can now easily use any manifold and navigate this simple chart and make the conversion and diagnose the problem themselves and it also makes troubleshooting HVAC issues over the phone much easier without the need to physically make a trip to the job site unless need be. More refrigerants are planned to be added as needed. Enjoy.

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