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This compendium collects some of the most well-practised tested and healthy lessons to enhance your love-life. Highly recommended for the savvy yet suave young individual of the twenty first century. Find yourself engaging with your partner and your phone.

We show how to set the mood make love and stay healthy at the same time!
· We describe 38 free lessons to enhance your climax. Some highlights of our app:

· We use modern descriptions and notes to help you understand the sage lessons from the Kamasutra.
· A pleasant and soothing user interface to get you in the mood right away.
· Romantic and idyllic music on the sitar to give you and your partner all the right cues.

Explore your body and find the edges of sensory perception.
· Bookmark your favourite chapters and return to them with a single touch every time you are with your partner.
· Easy search for the most comfortable position based on emotional maturity strength and flexibility.
· Love can be an art form! Find tips and hints to lead your partner to the appropriate stage.

Treat these lessons as you would a new dance form!
· Remember that these lessons require work and patience. Approach them with caution and care towards your physical condition.
· You can read chapters by a Random setting. Each chapter is independent of others.
· You may take notes of your experiences with any particular chapter and post a feedback.

Use social media to share and learn from other couples you may know.
· Our app is configured to let you create and send emails without exiting.
· No email? Share the app with your partner and let them gain the wisdom of the ancients for themselves!

We consider ourselves romantics at heart! A lot of research and statistical data were used to create this unique app to let the user disengage from the misconceptions that ignorant assumptions about intimacy breed. We encourage partners to be gentle and open. Engage and converse. At no point do we promote violence or exploitation of minors. With this app we hope we will have succeeded in bringing more harmony to the everlasting cycle of birth relationships and death.

*** Note to the user! This app is meant for those looking to explore ways to maintain a healthy relationship with their partners. Please use the Comments page at the Play Store to rate our app.

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Bug fixes and performance improvement

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