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Killer Sudoku 2.1
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Killer Sudoku / Description

Killer Sudoku is an enhanced free Sudoku Puzzle Game on Google Play. It is one step ahead of normal Sudoku. It is an addictive Brain Sudoku puzzle game. Killer Sudoku for the brain for beginners and experienced players! For your Android phone and tablet you can download the free Killer Sudoku app. Just Download and Play Free Killer Sudoku and sharpen your brain. Solve for fun the simple level of regular Sudoku puzzles develop critical thinking skill with medium/hard levels of Sudoku.

Exercise your brain everywhere you go with the free Killer Sudoku puzzle game now with 4 simple medium hard expert. Only one true solution exists for each Killer Sudoku.

How To Play:
Place numbers 1 through 9 in cells that are empty. It is necessary to fill each row column and square(3x3) with numbers 1 through 9 without repeating any numbers in the row column or square(3x3). Sudoku Puzzle solved when whole sudoku puzzle cells are filled with solution without any errors!! In Killer Sudoku The total of each column is 45. It displays remaining boxes total which are not yet placed from 45.
Killer Sudoku Total = 45 - total of placed boxes

Features of this Killer Sudoku app:
• Free app for Killer Sudoku.
• For beginners and experienced players Killer Sudoku.
• Different Killer Sudoku color themes.
• Killer Sudoku Offline.
• On both phones and tablets the Universal Killer Sudoku App looks fantastic.
• Clean & beautiful concept from Killer Sudoku.
• Endless array of Killer Sudoku Puzzles masterfully made.
• The most advanced Killer Sudoku learning software in the world.
• Killer Sudoku 1) Easy Sudoku 2) Medium Sudoku 3) Hard Sudoku 4) Expert Sudoku
• Delete.
• Killer Sudoku errors count.
• Save your Killer Sudoku automatically - Stop making progress.
• Tone for mistakes one box and completion of the horizontal/vertical line in Killer Sudoku.
• The Killer Sudoku game's time review.
• Different customization settings in Killer Sudoku for hidden filled numbers show timer show errors highlight directions highlight similar cells.
• In Killer Sudoku highlight the same digit location.
• Analysis of the achievement of your Killer Sudoku game.
• In Killer Sudoku the hints give you the answer.
• Killer Sudoku Sound On/Off Settings.

We still read all feedback carefully. Please leave your input on why you like this game or improvement suggestions! Thank you and have fun with Killer Sudoku - Game Brain Game Number!

Thanks for playing!
Enjoy Killer Sudoku!

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Killer Sudoku / What's New in v2.1

* Brand new enhanced Killer Sudoku.
* Small bugs fixed.

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