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The Foxbyte Code GPS Locker: A solution to keep GPS signal locked while switching between applications and even when your device's screen is off! It helps get a faster GPS signal lock and fix GPS signal resulting in a better connection.

What exactly can a GPS locker help you with?

● In GPS-enabled mobile games.
It's pretty much annoying when you're playing your favorite GPS intensive game and suddenly the GPS drops off throwing all your efforts down the drain. This is where GPS locker is massively helpful. It locks GPS signals for faster GPS connectivity. So you can enjoy your favorite games without stressing about the GPS signal.

● GPS Navigation
Going on a road trip and losing GPS connectivity in the middle of an adventure is the worst fear of an explorer. GPS locker helps improve GPS connection and keeps GPS connected by making a GPS connection lock when the signal is strongest. Hence making your life easy while traveling.

● Improves GPS connectivity
Suppose you have a device that often loses GPS connectivity resulting in recurrent frustration. Then the GPS locker will be of great help! It's technology improves GPS connectivity by a huge margin. Thereby improving the experience of the GPS intensive apps in your device. In a way it does the work of a GPS fixer.

● Better connectivity even when your device's screen is off
Another great advantage of a GPS locker is maintaining great GPS strength even when your device's screen is off. That means the fitness app installed in your device will work better in the background!

● Easily reset A-GPS data.
GPS locker enables you to reset A-GPS data with ease. You can do a manual or automatic reset with just a few clicks!

● Manual/Automatic app launch after fixing GPS
The option of manual and automatic app launch after GPS fix is a huge boon for the users. All you have to do is specify the particular application in the GPS locker settings.

● Create shortcuts for quick launch
With the GPS locker app you can create shortcuts on your home screen to quickly launch any app of your choice after a successful GPS fix. Isn't that convenient?

If you're someone who heavily relies on GPS then GPS locker is the app for you!
You'll never have to worry about a lost GPS connection or wait for several seconds before deciding while traveling. You're pretty much sorted on the GPS front if you have a GPS locker installed.
We love to hear from you. Complaints feedback or suggestions – reach out to us at [email protected]

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