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Unlisted - Second Phone Number 2021.03
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Unlisted - Second Phone Number / Description

Tired of giving out your real phone number? Get short & long-term phone lines for dating business posting online or for any time you'd rather just keep your personal number private. Texting calling picture messaging voicemail and call forwarding come as standard options with every line.

In less than a minute from now you can be calling and texting from your new phone number. If you decide to keep your number we offer long and short term plans with pay-as-you-go options so you pay only exactly what you need.

Unlisted Mobile is a modern professional alternative to both expensive cell phone plans and scammy burner apps. We are small business owners ourselves and rely on Unlisted numbers each day for our own needs. We promise to never sell your data show you ads or betray your privacy. Since 2012 customers have trusted us to provide them new phone numbers for all of their needs and we hope you will too.

If you ever need help or have something you'd like us to add to Unlisted please send us an email at [email protected] We offer dedicated support and respond personally to each and every email.

Unlisted is quick affordable and private — try us out when you need a new number for dating freelance work finding a new job buying & selling online business sales calls or whatever it may be.


💼 Sales People - Keep work and personal separated

💕 Daters - Stop giving away your # on 1st dates

💻 Freelancers - Better communication with your clients

💰 Craigslist - Buying & selling without giving away your private number

= Privacy - Never give out your real number when you don’t want to
= Protection - Protect yourself when posting on Craigslist using online dating services like Tinder or sending your resume
= Business - Why pay a lot for a new business phone line? Just use Unlisted for your customers to reach you directly!
= Local presence - Get a phone number in any area code or location in the US + Canada

- Text and Photo Messaging
- VoIP (voice over IP) / Wi-fi calling works from anywhere
- Call forwarding to any other number
- Incoming Call Options: Block or Voicemail
- Custom voicemail greetings for each number
- Use on all your Android and iOS Devices
- Use anywhere in the world with numbers from US + Canada
- No ads ever

We only offer US and Canadian numbers. You can only call and text with other US & Canadian numbers. May not work with SMS shortcode services. Not for 911 emergency services.


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Find the FAQs in the app's side menu or contact us at [email protected]

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Unlisted - Second Phone Number / What's New in v2021.03

This fixes an issue from the last update that caused you to be unable to send messages to new numbers that were manually entered.

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