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Follow today’s news and never miss one of our new videos. Be the first to comment and share the most trending topics happening now. With one click you can access all of our videos.

* Every day a selection of our five can't-miss videos. The core of what we do is to use video to help give you the latest context in politics the environment and culture. So that you can engage in the news yourself. All of our videos are sharable and we encourage commenting with your friends on social media and directly through our website and app.

* If you have a moment on the train at work or just hanging around the Brut. application lets you escape to the latest videos on the natural world ecology and climate change if you have 5 10 or 20 minutes. You choose. Our best videos about the environment for your free time all found here.

* Access to all of our videos based on your interests. What do you want to know more about? Whether it's the latest news in politics or a chill moment with our nature videos our catalogue is sorted by playlists: Breaking news interviews humanitarian causes the environment inspiring women pop culture viral sensations and key figures in entertainment. All of our editorial line is available in one scroll.

Need a taste? Here are our primary topics covered by Brut. New videos are constantly uploaded and the playlists updated daily.

News government social movements international and domestic politics. (the White House Congress world leaders…) World events (Brexit Superbowl elections fashion week...) Gender Equality human rights inspiring people personal testimonies cultural events film concerts entertainment fashion ecology lifestyle health sports solution-based journalism fighting inequality ecology climate change young people changing the world nature animals travel DIY…

* Don't lose time looking for a specific video or topic. Use our search tool to find the video that is calling to you. With more than 10000 videos and news videos coming to you everyday state your curiosity on all our engaging topics all in the same application.

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Bug fixes and a few optimizations
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