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Web Alert (Website Monitor) v1.4.1

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Web Alert (Website Monitor) 1.4.1
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Web Alert lets you monitor any website (or specific parts of it) you wish in order to be notified when it is updated. It even works when a login a form post or password prompt is necessary to access the site. For example get notified when a price changes a new article is published you receive exam results or an answer in a forum a registration period has opened etc. You can also check if your own website is currently online and working correctly or use it for UI testing and web monitoring.

You navigate with its special browser to the webpage and the app tracks your navigation steps so that these can be repeated later in the background automatically. On the page you select the text (or HTML) visually that you want to watch for updates so you receive only notifications for modifications in these parts. The alarm report of the checker highlights the differences.

Other apps only automate checking repeatedly the raw content behind a simple URL. This app however also features Web Automation where instructions (macros) are recorded interactively. Your actions to reach the website (and your selection of the text whose updates you want to keep track of) are replayed automatically in intervals specified by you. This gives you the additional opportunity to oversee alterations in Deep Web pages.

The app allows you to be the first to know about changes and news. It can save you time and money and the burden to remember checking in on web pages frequently yourself.

✔ Notification when a website changes
✔ Monitor various websites on the watchlist
✔ Simplified way to give instructions for checking
✔ Visual difference of all modifications to a website detected (diff)
✔ It can act as a web monitor to check the availability and correctness of your homepage
✔ Choose exactly which parts of a page to watch
✔ Save mobile traffic by disabling or reducing checks for mobile networks
✔ Check pages even behind logins HTTP Authentications form posts or long navigational sequences
✔ Monitor websites with JavaScript
✔ 256-Bit AES-encryption for all sensitive data
✔ Notification alarms using sound vibration and/or the LED
✔ Browse the different versions of a website (includes offline browser)
✔ Requires only a minimum amount of permissions.

This project was developed as part of a thesis at the University of Hamburg (Germany). Some modern websites with too much JavaScript do not work properly yet please have patience.

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Web Alert (Website Monitor) / What's New in v1.4.1

* Several bug fixes
* Improved record and replay for new alerts

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