Image Size Reducer (mb to kb) & Converter2.1.4

Image Size Reducer (mb to kb) & Converter v2.1.4

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Image Size Reducer (mb to kb) & Converter 2.1.4
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Image Size Reducer (mb to kb) & Converter / Description

Android 11 is new and many apps are crashing on it. If app doesn't behave right please clear caches of Google PlayServices app from settings and also reset app preferences from system settings after fresh Android 11 update.

One app gives you these features (quick info):

- Fast Image size reduction. Batch support. Reduce size of any supported image format to jpg in less size without much quality loss.
- Now reduce size of HEIC format also via conversion to jpg.
- Image resizer. Batch support.
- Image auto fit (i.e. make square) for social media DP display pictures. Make whatsapp dp without cropping of image. It makes a blurred background with same image and then puts the image at center.
- Convert images between multiple formats. Batch support.
- Supports Android Q R restricted storage.

More details below:

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Features -

- Super simple way to make your images auto fit for DPs (display pictures) for whatsapp or other social. Automatically make square images with blur background.

- Example: Reduce your 3MB selfie to 600KB with almost no visible loss of quality or convert to 60KB by automatic width height reduction.

- Want to reduce image to desired percent size of original. Example reduce 1MB JPG to 20% of its size.

- NOT just JPG it handles many types of images and converts them to jpg and allows custom size reduction. Example reduce BMP of MB to custom KB JPG.

- Reduce to whatever KB you need by allowing resolution changes.

- You captured screenshot but its size is high. Let this app convert that to JPG and also reduce its size.

- Reduce sizes of many images in bulk or batch.

- Convert images to most common formats. Convert images even in bulk or batch.

- Strip JPG metadata like EXIF. It can strip exif in bulk. Anyone can know location & time of picture by using EXIF and JPEG comments. For keeping privacy this feature is helpful. Move images to internal storage to enable editing them otherwise copies are made.

- It can also strip comment color profiles IPTC ICC XMP.

- Resize images by fixed Width x Height. Resize by any one of Width or Height. Resize by % of current resolution. Bulk operation makes it easier to resize lots of files at once.


- To pick images use apps like Google's Files app QuickPic gallery.

- By default images are not added into gallery to prevent multiple copies which creates confusion when you see them in gallery!. You must use a FileManager like Files.

- Keep the app running until images are processed. If home button is pressed get back to app using recent apps list. Sometimes app can crashe because its not setup to run for long in background. Pressing icon from launcher can start new copy of app not old. This is useful to do multiple tasks.

App as Image Converter

- Converts lots of image formats to jpg webp tiff bmp gif png. It is powered by ImageMagick ( ImageMagick is product and copyright of ImageMagick Studio LLC ).

- Many of these formats are supported: heic aai art arw avs bmp cmyk cmyka crw cur dcm dcr dcx dcx dds dib djvu dng dpx fax fits gif gray hdr ico info inline jng jp2 jpg jpt j2c j2k jpeg jxr mat miff mono mng mrw mtv nef orf otb p7 pam palm pbm pcds pcx pdb pef pfm pgm picon pict pix png pnm ppm psd ptif pwp raf rgb rgba rfg rla rle sct sfw sgi sun tga tiff tim uil uyvy vicar viff webp wpg xcf YCbCr YCbCrA yuv

Not all formats are tested. Encoding to only few format is enabled.

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Image Size Reducer (mb to kb) & Converter / What's New in v2.1.4

- Updates lots on internal software.
- Added browser based html5 games offered by business partner.

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