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"My Files" Easy to manages all the files on your android smartphone! Manage files on your Samsung device. My files is an official smartphone file manager.

With Samsung My Files you've got an effective smooth and lightweight file manager. All you have to worry about is browsing the various categories the info is organized into and managing any changes.

Files is a file management app that helps you manage all the files you have stored on your Android smartphone including deleting duplicate files among other things. Keep files and folders organized with this handy manager.

Have you ever looked for a tool to organize files on your smartphone?
Look no further. My Files (also known as Files Go) is the official Android file management app. Easy to move all your files around on your android smartphone without all the headache. Plus it gets rid of any duplicate files and useless old docs that you don't really need.

My File Manager is a full featured tool. So much so in fact that you're now much more likely to manage all your files from your smartphone; simple and easy. Plus in just a matter of seconds you'll clean out your whole device by eliminating any duplicate files or useless folders that are bogging down your smartphone memory.

[Key features]

FileMaster File Manage My Files Transfer
File Explorer Images Pictures Videos Movies Audio Music Documents (pdf xls ppt etc) Archives (zip rar etc) and APK
ASTRO File Manager Manage your folders files effectively with this android file organizer and browser
✔ My Files SD Card Manager
✔ Folder and file shortcuts: Show on the device home screen and the My Files main screen
✔ Use Files to keep enough of memory
✔ Easily transfer files to an SD card to free up your phone’s storage
✔ Provides a function used to analyze and free up storage space
✔ ES File Explorer (File Manager) supports to Recover My Files
✔ Compress and decompress ZIP/RAR archives
✔ Select multiple files for the same operation
✔ Easy to Manage all Apk files
✔ File Master - A device manager and optimization tool

My Files Samsung you can easily organize your files into various folders as well as rename copy move or delete any file whether it's on your Android device's internal storage or an SD card.

My Files SD Card Manager is one of the best free file managers for Android. It allows local and cloud storage management and lets you organize files between internal memory MicroSD and supports all! My files app for android samsung provides a file explorer that can easily clean and delete any unwanted app or folder giving clear information about performance and data usage.

My Files App Download and enjoy the comfort of having a user-friendly file commander and storage management app for free! FileMaster can help you optimize your phone with powerful junk files cleaner phone booster app manager CPU cooler and file transfer. Mi File Manager supports tons of cool features: quick search moving deleting opening and sharing files as well as renaming unzipping and copy-paste. OnePlus File Manager View all files in Internal storage and Drive.

File Manager : free and easily With Mi File Manager’s file management becomes easier than ever before! Files by Google is the file manager and storage browser that helps you find what you’re looking for fast. Files’s offline file sharing is more secure file transfer. Files app is a powerful miexplorer tools. My Files update with My Files Samsung J2.

File Commander is a powerful file manager that allows you to handle any file on your Android device.

My Files is a Simple File Manager Professional file and folder manager for Android devices.

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