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MDF : Quit Addiction App v7.4.0

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MDF : Quit Addiction App 7.4.0
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Loading... MDF : Quit Addiction App 7.4.0
Loading... MDF : Quit Addiction App 7.4.0
Loading... MDF : Quit Addiction App 7.4.0
Loading... MDF : Quit Addiction App 7.4.0
Loading... MDF : Quit Addiction App 7.4.0
Loading... MDF : Quit Addiction App 7.4.0

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One stop app for your addiction recovery and daily motivation. Now you can overcome bad habits & achieve life goals by Battling with your friends maintaining Journal interacting with Community receiving interesting Stats Articles motivational Wallpapers & Notifications.

Do you want to quit that porn addiction which is affecting your life?
Are you tired of constant relapses and struggle maintaining a good streak?
Are you someone who is looking for improvement in every aspect of life?

If yes then this app will help you to get motivated on daily basis with it's wide range of features like:

+ More than 500 Wallpapers 🏞

+ Streak-O-Meter 💯

+ MDF Community 🗣

+ Personalised Stats 📊

+ Earn Badges & Rewards 🎖

+ Daily Journal (new) 📚

+ MDF Battles ⚔️

+ Panic Button (in case of urges) 🚨

+ Daily Handpicked Articles & Motivational Videos 🎯

+ MDF Breathe Meditation 🧘🏻‍♀️
and much more.

How to use this app?
It's easy. All you have to do is to abstain from porn for rewiring your brain and a complete reboot of your lifestyle.

In this life transforming journey of yours we are glad to be your companion who will motivate and guide you along the way.

After every successful day of no PMO you will be rewarded with a new wallpaper as token of your streak which we expect you to set as your background with pride.

But there's only one rule that if in case you fail to abstain from P M or O ; you will have to hit 'Relapse' button and reset your streak but this time with more stronger will than ever before.

That's it. See you in the next realm.

So what are you waiting for? Download this amazing app right now and start changing your life.

Are you looking for the app which help you change your bad habits and addictions and which help you to achieve your life goals by quitting porn? If yes then we bring you best MDF: Quit Addiction App to achieve your goals and to change your bad habits like PMO and porn addiction into good ones like Meditation workout Cold shower Book reading and Journal writing in this goal tracker app. Create to-do list for your life goals workout routines or cold shower in goal planner app. Try to Improve your daily or monthly routine with our MDF: Quit Addiction App. Schedule your day in advance and try to increase your productivity. Improve your efficiency and change your bad habits into new good habits like exercise workout meditation diet nutrition cold shower mindfulness dopamine detox in habit tracker app. Set your life goals and start working on it to achieve them on time. The MDF: Quit Addiction App lets you define the big goals of your life and set aside time each day to make progress toward those goals in goal tracker app.

Goal planning and Life planning start with managing your habits and addictions in a best possible way. Participate in the No Nut November / NNN challenge with the help of our MDF app. You can practice Brahmacharya and have a successful life if you are able to build healthy habits in our habit tracker app. Healthy habits helps you to manage time and to beat procrastination. It makes you live healthier life which will lead you to achieve your life goals like daily exercise proper sleep and healthy diet in life planner app. Sometime building good habits is not that easy because we have to get used to certain things to do in our daily life and often those habits are hard (for example: exercising every day) in habit tracker app. To organize all those things we need an app like life planner app to track goals. Before you start your life planning and goal planning get a Daily Goals App first!

With no PMO app maintain all your personal goals and habits in one place. Stay motivated and fight procrastination so that you can build a better work-life balance with our quit Porn Addiction App.

Install the app now and quit your porn addiction.

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MDF : Quit Addiction App / What's New in v7.4.0

We keep upgrading this app to enhance your streak experience.
In this update we've:
+ MDF Tasks
+ Refer & Unlock Premium features
+ WD count & Urge-O-Meter inside MDF Journal
+ MDF Community (Dark mode bug fixed)
+ Tap to share streak
+ Notes feature inside Journal
+ MDF Breathe feature
+ More quotes & wallpapers beyond day 90
Other bug fixes and UI improvements.

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