FTP Server - Multiple FTP users0.14.9

FTP Server - Multiple FTP users v0.14.9

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FTP Server - Multiple FTP users 0.14.9
Loading... FTP Server - Multiple FTP users 0.14.9
Loading... FTP Server - Multiple FTP users 0.14.9
Loading... FTP Server - Multiple FTP users 0.14.9

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FTP Server - Multiple FTP users / Description

A powerful application allows you to run FTP Server on your phone and help your friend or you to access/share files over the Internet.
It also helps you not to use USB port of device to increase the lifetime of it. It is also called WiFi file transfer or wireless file management.

All features are totally free
You can remove ads by opening the section Remove Ads in About screen.

Use any network interfaces in your device including: WiFi Ethernet Tethering...
Multiple FTP users (anonymous user included)
• Allow each user to show hidden files or not
Multiple access paths for each user: Any folders in your internal storage or external sdcard
• Can set read-only or full write access on each path
Support simultaneous file transfer
Automatically open port on your router: Access files from everywhere on Earth
For the list of tested routers please check the Help section in application
Automatically start FTP Server when certain WiFi is connected
Automatically start FTP Server on boot
Has public intents to support scripting/Tasker
Tasker integration:
Add new Task Action (choose System -> Send Intent) with the following information:
• Package: net.xnano.android.ftpserver
• Class: net.xnano.android.ftpserver.receivers.CustomBroadcastReceiver
• Actions: either one of following actions:
- net.xnano.android.ftpserver.START_SERVER
- net.xnano.android.ftpserver.STOP_SERVER

Home: Control the server configurations such as
• Start/stop server
• Monitor the connected clients
• Change port passive ports
• Set idle timeout
• Enable automatically start on specific WiFi detected on boot...
• ...
User management
• Manage users and access paths for each user
• Delete user by swiping left/right on that user.

What FTP Clients are supported?
√ You can use any FTP clients on Windows Mac OS Linux or even browser to access this FTP Server.
• FileZilla
• Windows Explorer: If user is not anonymous please enter the address in format ftp://[email protected]:port/ into Windows Explorer (username you created in User Management screen)
• Finder (MAC OS)
• File manager on Linux OS
• Total Commander (Android)
• Web browsers such as Chrome Filefox Edge... can be used in read-only mode

The range of passive ports is from the initial port (default 50000) to the next 128 ports if UPnP enabled or next 256 ports if UPnP disabled. In general:
- 50000 - 50128 if UPnP enabled
- 50000 - 50256 if UPnP disabled
From 0.13.0 the initial port is 60000

- Doze mode: Application may not work as expected if doze mode is activated. Please go to Settings -> Search for Doze mode and add this application to the white list.

WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: Mandatory permission for FTP Server to access files in your device.
INTERNET ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE ACCESS_WIFI_STATE: Mandatory permissions to allow user to connect to FTP Server.
Location (Coarse/Fine location): Required for user who wants to automatically start server on Wi-Fi connected on Android P and above.
* Please read Android P restriction about getting Wifi's connection info here: https://developer.android.com/about/versions/pie/android-9.0-changes-all#restricted_access_to_wi-fi_location_and_connection_information
* Android Q+: Because getting WiFi connection info while application in the background requires "Background location" so that to operate properly please select "Allow all times" when enable this feature.

If you're facing any problems want new features or have feedback to improve this application don't hesitate to send it to us via the support email: [email protected]
NEGATIVE COMMENTS can't help the developer to solve the problems!

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FTP Server - Multiple FTP users / What's New in v0.14.9

• Enhancement: Add battery optimization configurations to avoid the server to be closed by system
• Enhancement: Customizable alias
• Enhancement: Improve opening native port
• Increase the maximum number of concurrent logged in users to 128

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