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Tasker App Factory v5.14.0-beta

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Tasker App Factory 5.14.0-beta
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Loading... Tasker App Factory 5.14.0-beta
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Tasker App Factory / Description

*** This Is An Extension To The App 'Tasker' ***
*** You Cannot Launch It ***
*** You Cannot Use It Without The latest Tasker version ***

Create your own apps for fun and profit! Astound friends and family with your development abilities!

- generate an app from a task or project in less than 10 seconds
- no programming required
- no Internet connection required
- Tasker not required after app creation
- app can be distributed or sold (e.g. on Play Store) however you like

* Disclaimer *

Tasker App Factory is not guaranteed to work with all future versions of Android. Specifically Google may make changes which make on-device app creation impossible.

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* Mini FAQ *

Q: Can I create apps with profiles and/or scenes ?
A: Yes read the More Info link

Q: Did you know App Factory is crashing on Lollipop ?
A: Yes an update is due start of December

* Permissions Notes *

- READ_CONTACTS is required to be able to include contact thumbnails in the created app and then only if specified by the user
- WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE is required to put the new app on external storage (note: on some devices 'external storage' is non-removable which is also fine)
- WAKE_LOCK is required to stop the device sleeping while the app is being created
- created apps do not necessarily have these permissions only the ones needed for the functions they use

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Tasker App Factory / What's New in v5.14.0-beta

- Compatibility with new Tasker version

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