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TasmotaRemota 2.2.3d
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OVERVIEWA simple elegant way of controlling and editing your Tasmota enabled devices on your LAN. Find them Group them put them into Scenes Name them Edit them set their Timers and Control them.
Basic ESPEasy support for sensors (NOTE: Manual device addition only - use "Y" as switch number).

TASMOTA DEVICE SCANNERIf the username and passwords are common for all your Tasmota devices enter these into the SETTINGS screen and the TASMOTA DEVICE SCANNER can be used to quickly scan the local network for Tasmota Devices once found devices can be imported into a Group. The scanner will automatically name the found Devices using the Tasmota "Friendly Name".
Each Device switch and sensor is treated as an individual device these can be added into groups as required.

GROUPSEach Group has a separate screen. The Group screen can be selected by side-swipe or from Group Tabs. A Group contains a defined selection of devices.
The GROUP MENU is accessed with a long click on the Group Name bar.

DEVICES.Each Device represents a switch or sensor on the physical Tasmota Device. If a Device has two switches (relays) these are listed as two individual 'devices' in TasmotaRemota.
The DEVICE MENU is accessed with a long click on the Device.
A normal click will TOGGLE the power.

- Switch all Devices in a Group ON or OFF simultaneously.
- Disable all devices in Group.
- Manually add new Devices to a Group. (IP Port Name User Password Switch No* and Group).
* set Switch No. to "E" for a energy management (POW R2 etc).
* set Switch No to "Y" for ESPEasy sensor devices.
- Edit the Groups names and colours.
- Sort the Devices in a Group by DRAG/DROP (Premium Version Only).

- Edit Device details.
- Delete Device.
- Edit Device Timers - see below for details.
- Set "PulseTime" for Switched Device. (AutoSwitch-off after set period)
- Access TASMOTA WEBSERVER UI (Premium Version Only)

DEVICE TIMERSTasmota makes available 16 individual timers per device in TasmotaRemota these are viewed graphically on a WEEK PLANNER this simplifies the task of setting and changing the timers.
Set the checkboxes to suit your required timer setting.
Click on the Time to change.
Click on the "+" to swap to "-" for the Time Adjustment.
The WEEK PLANNER shows the ON/OFF and TOGGLE times along with the Sunrise/Sunset** and Current Time. The selected timer is hi-lighted on the planner. The timer positions will move as the times are adjusted.
Once the timers are set on the WEEK PLANNER as you want these can be sent to the Tasmota device.
** Ensure the correct Latitude and Longitude are set on the Tasmota devices to be able to use the Sunrise and Sunset times.

SCENESAll switchable Devices are automatically included in the Scenes and can be preset ON/OFF/Ignore then activated as a group.

EXPORT/IMPORT DATA- Export App data to local backup folder.
- Export App data to selected folder (eg Google Drive etc).
- Email or move App data.
- Import App data from local backup folder.
- Import App data from Android Download folder.

This app is not ad-supported.

Basic or Premium?The Premium Version has 16 device groups 10 Scenes and all 16 timers can be saved DRAG/DROP sorting and Tasmota WebServer UI access.
The Basic version has 2 Device Groups 2 Scenes and only Timer 1 can be saved.

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v2.2.3e - Smaller Device Buttons when low detail selected in settings.

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