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2.訂閱期間內亦可在「天下雜誌網站」(www.cw.com.tw) 不受閱讀篇數限制,全文解鎖。
4.可獲邀加入「Facebook 專屬社團」,隨時與編輯團隊近距離互動。
5.不定期舉辦訂戶專屬活動 (Ex:讀者見面會、電影贈票等...)。



● 您可以透過應用程式訂閱「天下雜誌App」,費用將以您的Google帳號直接向您的信用卡收費。
● 首次訂閱可享14日免費試用。
● 本訂閱方案採自動續訂,訂閱期限到期前24小時,系統會自動為您接續新一期的訂閱。
● 您隨時可在Google Play帳戶內「我的訂閱內容」中管理您的訂購服務。
● 若您已透過天下雜誌網站成為「天下全閱讀」訂戶,請直接登入您的天下會員帳號,即可完整閱讀「天下雜誌App」。

The best helper of "Common World Magazine" Action Reading
[Four characteristic functions of the product]

The editorial team of Commonwealth Magazine will curate important topics for you every day for you who don’t have time and want to quickly grasp the key points.

Divided into categories according to the content of the articles in the world magazine to help you quickly explore the content of interest.

Completely include the full text of the "Tianxia" paper magazine and can go back to the classic good articles of the past.

●Listen to the world
Members have exclusive access to more than a hundred live voice programs for unlimited listening and there is no need to bow their heads to master key information.

One-click collection can be continued and read again at any time continuous fragmented time mobile reading.

[Tenxia Magazine APP subscription plan and rights]
Subscribe via "Tianxia Magazine App" choose monthly NT$300 or quarterly subscription (three months) NT$790
Enjoy the following services:

1. During the subscription period you can read all articles in the "World Magazine App" in full.
2. During the subscription period you can also access the "Common Magazine Website" (www.cw.com.tw) without limitation on the number of articles to be read and the full text is unlocked.
3. Enjoy exclusive discounts for subscribers of "Tenxia Magazine Group Lecture Activity".
4. You can be invited to join the "Facebook Exclusive Club" and interact with the editorial team at any time.
5. Hold subscriber-only events from time to time (Ex: reader meetings movie tickets etc...).

In order to enjoy the full rights and interests it is recommended that you register and log in to the members of the Commonwealth Magazine group before subscribing.

P.S.: "World Magazine App" is a free download. After downloading you can read some articles for free. All readers please log in to the member first to enable full reading permissions.

● You can subscribe to the "World Magazine App" through the app and your Google account will be charged directly to your credit card.
● The first subscription can enjoy a 14-day free trial.
● This subscription plan adopts automatic renewal. 24 hours before the expiration of the subscription period the system will automatically renew a new subscription for you.
● You can manage your subscription service at any time in "My Subscription Content" in your Google Play account.
● If you have become a subscriber of "World Magazine App" through the Commonwealth Magazine website please log in to your Tianxia member account directly to read "World Magazine App" in its entirety.

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