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Hi I’m Pam! This is my new app which helps you take care of your fitness & nutrition. Lots of recipes helpful tips meal & workout plans are waiting for you!

1. Yummy and healthy recipes using natural ingredients.
2. I love to replace „bad ingredients of classic recipes - for example cane sugar or white flour - with more healthy alternatives. Therefore we can still eat dessert. But we get important nutrients vitamins and minerals at the same time. The result? Food and sugar cravings will say goodbye and you’ll start feeling happy with your healthy diet.
3. Quick & easy! I know it’s not possible to spend hours in the kitchen every day. Most recipes are therefore quick easy & ideal for take-away.
4. All recipes are perfect for a fit lifestyle. Huge amounts of fats or sugar (alternatives) are therefore not part of the Pam app. It’s my job to have a flat tummy & toned thighs.. and that’s not even that hard!
5. Take responsibility! If you want to feel amazing you have to know about what you eat the quality of the ingredients and how your dish was prepared. You should not give the responsibility about your health to somebody else. That means: less processed foods more homemade meals!

• A big selection of recipes - with monthly updates.
• Special „search filters so you can find the food that YOU enjoy. High protein no nuts low carb or vegan? Simply select your preferences.
• Blog articles and helpful tips on: food knowledge cooking & fitness tricks motivation personal topics and much more.
• Direct access to all of my workout videos incl. search filters to find the right video for your goal.
• Meal & Workout Plan: structure your week of meals and workouts with the intuitive planner feature. Not sure where to start? Just add my „Pam Plan!
• Shopping List: add all ingredients of a recipe or have fun writing your own list.
• Notifications: enable if you want to be notified whenever I publish new content.

• All recipes are created by me my brother or my mom!
• 95% for a fit lifestyle 5% by my brother Dennis & 100% delicious.
• Breakfast Lunch Dinner Sweets Drinks & Snacks.
• The recipes are perfect for everyday use including meal prep ideas. But luckily we also have the time to bake a cake or muffins now and then!
• Filter according to your dietary needs: vegan lactose free gluten free low calorie without nuts etc.
• Easy step-by-step cooking instructions.
• Calories & macros included with every recipe.
• Type in the number of portions you want to cook. The amounts of ingredients will change accordingly.
• Meal Planner: structure your week with the meal planner tool. If you feel overwhelmed you can also copy my „Pam Meal Plan.
• Shopping List: make sure you have all ingredients by using the shopping list. Want to replace the apples with pears? No problem.

• Direct access to all my workouts videos.
• Filter according to your training needs: difficulty level workout type and focus area.
• Workout Planner: structure your week of exercise with the workout planner tool. If you want you can also copy my „Pam Workout Plan.

• Exclusive articles on fitness lifestyle & food knowledge. Carbs protein fats sugar .. understand how to nourish your body! I also share articles on cooking tips meal prep ideas and motivation to help you stay on track.
• New podcast episodes with my brother personal topics & insights on what’s going on behind the curtains.

• Free: The app is free to try out with a selection of free content.
• Premium: Choose between a monthly or yearly subscription plan to unlock premium recipes and blog content. The first week is free and you can cancel your subscription any time.
• My Cookbook: unlock all recipes and articles of my last bestseller „You Deserve This.

I would love to welcome you in the Pam App!

Lots of love

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Share your success with your friends or post it on your Insta Story. Let everyone know you moved your pretty booty today!
Share your favorite recipe, workout plan or blogpost with your loved ones. Just click the button & send a direct link!
Small improvement to let you know which week of the Workout Plans you are seeing.
Retake Workouts & Plans: Like the confettis? Pressed the complete button too fast? Simply retake it!

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