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Your goal is to control a rolling ball. You cannot do it directly. You can only build a track for it in real time.

No ADs or annoying microtransactions.

Complete 59 hand-crafted levels of varying difficulty.
From portals to deadly laser beams - overcome newer and newer obstacles by using diverse tools and creative thinking.

The game also features an endless mode where you can set new high scores and unlock achievements competing with other players.
Earn in-game currency to spend on numerous upgrades and skins.

Everything is wrapped in beautiful abstract-themed graphics powered by Unreal Engine 4.

The free version is only a Demo. It allows you to play 17 levels (11 of which are part of the tutorial). In order to play the endless mode and other levels you'll need to purchase the full version (a one time in-app purchase).

Any feedback is greatly appreciated. You can leave it here through a comment send me an email or via social media.

If you experience low framerates or stuttering try lowering some graphical settings. A high end smartphone is recommended for playing this game.



Credits/Attributes for music and some icons:

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