melonDSBeta 1.6.1 PS b20 (Paid)

melonDS vBeta 1.6.1 PS b20 (Paid)

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melonDS Beta 1.6.1 PS b20 (Paid)
Loading... melonDS Beta 1.6.1 PS b20 (Paid)
Loading... melonDS Beta 1.6.1 PS b20 (Paid)
Loading... melonDS Beta 1.6.1 PS b20 (Paid)

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Unofficial port of melonDS a free open-source and highly customizable emulator. Its main features include:

Light and dark themes
Customizable controller layouts and backgrounds: create the best layout for each individual game with only what you really need
Fast-forward support: skip cutscenes and tedious parts at high speed
Save state support: save your progress at any point and return to it instantly
Action Replay support: import codes to help you advance in your adventures or unlock special features (no codes are provided out of the box)
Gamepad support: control the game using your wired or Bluetooth controllers

For help and suggestions please visit the project's GitHub repository.

• No ROM files are provided. You must extract ROM files from your own cartridges and/or systems
• Emulation of some systems requires the use of custom BIOS and firmware files extracted from a real system

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melonDS / What's New in vBeta 1.6.1 PS b20 (Paid)

@Nocna Furia

• Remove support for 7z files on devices running Android M or lower
• Fix crash when processing large 7z files
• Fix crash when selecting directories under certain circumstances
• Fix crash when loading a ROM with the "Load GBA ROM" option selected but no save file was selected
• Load ROM icons asynchronously
• Other minor improvements

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