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ARI (Auto Repair Software) v9840.0.0

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ARI (Auto Repair Software) 9840.0.0
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ARI is one of the best auto repair software on the automotive market. Thousands of mechanics and shop owners trust ARI with their daily tasks and repair activities. From client management and inventory tracking to vehicle diagnosis invoicing and payment - this auto repair app has all the features you need to run your shop with confidence.

The app is suitable for mobile mechanics auto shop owners independent technicians auto dealers or anyone who has a fleet of vehicles and is looking for a way to manage it.

Main Features:
1. Client Management
Keep track of all vehicle owners that passed through your shop. Generate billing statements assign vehicles and create invoices and estimates for your clients instantly.

2. Vehicle Management
Add unlimited vehicle records to your shop and manage every aspect of their info.
- VIN decoder: decode any vehicle identification number so you can easily add vehicle details to your database. Get info such as make model year trim type engine and much more.
- license plate reader: leverage CarFax integration to get info about a vehicle from its license plate
- car service history: retrieve previous service history from almost any vehicle by using CarFax history reports.
- advanced diagnosis: get information such as OBD port locator upcoming maintenance items DTC errors TSB info full maintenance reports and recommendations repair labor times and vehicle labor estimates.

3. Inventory Management
ARI comes with a list of 400+ default car parts; however you can create your own inventory. There are no limits on how many items you can add to your inventory.
- parts: keep track of part numbers and stock data. Use barcode scanner to add edit or remove parts from your inventory;
- tires: are you selling tires in your auto repair shop? Use ARI to manage your tire inventory.
- services: keep track of all your labor items by adding descriptions and price per hour.
- canned services: group parts and labor items to create easy-to-use packages when building your jobcards or auto repair invoices

4. Accounting
- expenses: log all your auto repair shop's expenses such as employee salaries vendor payments utility bills and more
- purchases: create purchase orders for your auto parts. Send the order to your parts suppliers and update your inventory automatically when parts are received.
- income: keep track of all your income and never miss a payment or invoice.

5. JobCards
Assign work track labor times and approve or deny service items right from your favorite auto repair software.

6. Estimates/Quotes
Send professional-looking vehicle repair estimates to your clients and upsell your services with our deferred services program.

7. Invoices
a). 7 fully-customizable invoicing templates
b).Signature support
The app allows you and your customer to sign an invoice on the spot right on the device (phone/tablet)
c). Logo
You can add your business logo to your auto repair invoices and estimates
d). Print mobile
If you have a mobile printer then you can print your invoices/estimates right on the spot.
e). Multiple tax values.
You can add up to 3 types of taxes and customize their name and values.
f). Payment Options
The app accepts Cash Check Credit Card and PayPall payment options. You can collect payments from your clients on the spot.

8. Service Reminders
- Schedule service reminders and the app will send automatic emails to your clients reminding them when the service is due.

9. Vehicle Inspections
- Upsell your clients with detailed inspection reports

10. Online booking
- Allow your clients to book your auto repair services online. View all appointments inside the ARI's calendar.

3. Reporting
- Income & Expense
- Sales & Purchases
- Inventory & Net Profit
- Employees & Salaries

MULTIPLE languages supported (EN RU PL SPA RO IND GR DA GER IT JPN )

- available 24/7 via email

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ARI (Auto Repair Software) / What's New in v9840.0.0

- Dashboard (unpaid invoices, last payments, purchases, expenses, profit, etc.)
- Email Marketing
- Inspection templates (Level 1 inspection, Pre-sale inspection, Heavy-duty inspection, Motorcycle inspection)
- fixed marketing sending error

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