西瓜视频-视频自动连播,解放双手 v6.0.0

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西瓜视频-视频自动连播,解放双手 6.0.0
Loading... 西瓜视频-视频自动连播,解放双手 6.0.0
Loading... 西瓜视频-视频自动连播,解放双手 6.0.0
Loading... 西瓜视频-视频自动连播,解放双手 6.0.0
Loading... 西瓜视频-视频自动连播,解放双手 6.0.0

西瓜视频-视频自动连播,解放双手 / Description

每月超过 320 万创作人、1.8 亿用户活跃在西瓜视频,和他们一起,开眼界、涨知识!

【视频博物馆 想看的全都有】

【来点儿有用的 轻松涨知识】

【在这里 看见不一样的烟火】

【西瓜放映厅 你的专属私人影院】

【成为西瓜视频创作人 一起感受生活的力量】

【西瓜直播 带你足不出户看世界】

Watermelon video
More than 3.2 million creators and 180 million users are active on Watermelon Video every month. Let's open up your horizons and increase your knowledge with them!

[Video Museum has everything I want to see]
What should I do if I can’t find the resource for the content I want to watch? You are satisfied with the massive video package of Watermelon! There are many categories such as travel diary fashion outfit social and humanities life tips etc. Come and pick your exclusive content~

[Come and get some useful knowledge easily]
What should I do if I encounter problems in life? Don't just think about it just come up with something useful! Teacher Li Yongle explains the scientific knowledge around him and the fitness coach Dapeng will let you dare to eat and not be afraid of getting fat serve watermelon contract your leisure time and easily gain knowledge!

[I see different fireworks here]
You can follow the fisherman Afeng to open the blind box at the beach or you can follow the poison corner SHOW to play some different street experiments and you can also follow the classmates to learn about the life of the sister of Peking University. There are more different fireworks waiting for you to discover!

[Watermelon Screening Hall your exclusive private theater]
Watch blockbuster movies without going out to create your private home theater!
"囧Mom" "Big Winner" and "Assassin 567" are broadcast exclusively on the entire network. People all over the country are invited to watch movies for free.
More classic TV series high-scoring movies popular variety shows and other boutique content 4K Ultra HD is even more exciting.

[Become the creator of watermelon video and feel the power of life together]
A lot of creators such as Teacher Li Yongle from Ai Kepu and Grandpa Luban Amu are waiting for you in Watermelon. Become the creators of Watermelon Video let more people feel the temperature of life and share the video world~

[Watermelon Live Shows you to see the world without going out]
Strange people and wonders game gods creative food...the world is full of excitement. Follow the anchors to see the world!

*Data source: QuestMobile

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