Network Cell Info6.1.32 (Paid) (Patched)

Network Cell Info v6.1.32 (Paid) (Patched)

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Network Cell Info 6.1.32 (Paid) (Patched)
Loading... Network Cell Info 6.1.32 (Paid) (Patched)
Loading... Network Cell Info 6.1.32 (Paid) (Patched)
Loading... Network Cell Info 6.1.32 (Paid) (Patched)
Loading... Network Cell Info 6.1.32 (Paid) (Patched)
Loading... Network Cell Info 6.1.32 (Paid) (Patched)
Loading... Network Cell Info 6.1.32 (Paid) (Patched)

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⚠️NEW Internet Speed Test in BETA. How fast is your internet? You can now check the download upload ping and jitter performance of your mobile/WiFi connection with the new one-tap internet speed test.

(*) Before you buy it please check the free Lite version.
(*) With the app purchase you get all features (incl. any free future updates) EXCEPT those belonging to the Pro features yearly Subscription see below.
(*) We do not show/have tower locations but indications of cell locations from the Mozilla MLS database.
(*) We constantly develop new features with FREE updates. All these developments are available with your app Purchase along with any new coming free updates as in Release 4. Also in Release 4 (July 2017) we added NEW Pro features/development for a small yearly subscription fee for the Telecom Professionals to support our work. Thank you.

Network Cell Signal & Wi-Fi Info is a thorough cell network/Wi-Fi monitor and measurements/diagnostic log tool(4G+ LTE CDMA WCDMA GSM). Network Cell Info can help troubleshoot your reception and connectivity problems while keeping you in the know about your local cell carrier radio frequency landscape. Network Cell Signal & Wi-Fi Info also includes a one-tap Wi-Fi/mobile internet performance speed test tool. Take a speed test to verify your internet performance including download upload ping and jitter test results.

Features comparison: https://m2catalyst.com/apps/network-cell-info/features

Main features:
Almost Real-Time (1 sec.) monitoring of cellular and WiFi signals in Gauge/Raw Tabs (*)
One-tap WiFi/mobile internet performance speed test (download upload ping and jitter)
Dual SIM support (*)
5/6 Signal-meter gauges for both SIMs and WiFi (*)
Signal Plots up to 6 cells
EARFCN Carrier Frequency (Fc) Band number/name show (Logs only in PRO) (**)
SIM# preference option for other than Gauge tab
Map with network cellular info and signal-meter gauges
Logs Measurements of cellular signals (can be saved/exported in the Map tab)
Indication of cell locations (not cell towers) in the Map from Mozilla Location Service (MLS) excl. CDMA (*)
Crowd sourced Best Signal Finder shows your carrier's nearest best signals
Route coloring (in the Map) according to the signal strength and map markers with location and signal info
Measurements in Background
Measurements settings (minimum distance minimum accuracy motion sensor etc.)
Database export measurements in KML 2.2 MLS Geosubmit v.2 CLF v.3 OpenCellID CSV CMWF database types
Network information in Status Bar
Sound notifications (on system cell id changes)
Raw view of network cellular info
Connection statistics (2G/2.5G/3G/3.5G/4G/4G+)
SIM and device info
Screen rotation
and more...

PRO features yearly subscription (ver 4+):
CMWF Pro DB: Log xARFCN Fc Band RSRQ etc. https://m2catalyst.com/apps/network-cell-info/database-pro
CMWF Pro N DB: Log neighbor
Compact Cell Raw View (1-row per cell)

(*) Notes:
Having problems with videos that buffer or slow connection? Check out the new internet speed test feature currently in beta. You can find the speed test on your second tab to verify your download speed upload speed ping and jitter.
Data accuracy is dependent on the device implementation of Android APIs. Not all manufacturers/devices implement fully/correctly Android APIs.
For Android < 5.0 Dual SIM is not supported for non-MediaTek devices due to Android/device limitation.
You may use Mozilla Stumbler app to update the Mozilla MLS database in your area.

BETA when available: https://m2catalyst.com/apps/network-cell-info/beta-testing

Manual: https://m2catalyst.com/apps/network-cell-info/manual

FAQ: https://m2catalyst.com/apps/network-cell-info/faq (also FAQ inside app settings / about)

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Network Cell Info / What's New in v6.1.32 (Paid) (Patched)

credit Timozhai
@Nocna Furia

* Added support for 5G
* Added Signal History tab
* Added personal signal history markers to map
* Added a gauge widget
* Improved support for Android 10

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