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Saitama RPG Localdia Chronicle 3.1.3
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Saitama RPG Localdia Chronicle / Description

Let’s explore the reality and fantasy of Saitama and Kawagoe City!

A 2D exploration type RPG traveling in a world with Japan’s Saitama prefecture as motif!
No gachas! No social functions! No online game functions!

●◇●◇ About Saitama City ◇●◇●
Located in the north side of Tokyo Saitama City is one of the most populous city in Japan with a population of 1.28 million. Ten administrative districts have been set up in government-designated cities that were born from the merger of the four cities between 2003 and 2005.

Although it is sometimes ridiculed as Having nothing there is it’s features or as Lame Saitama it is a region full of a very long history and tourism resources.

●◇●◇ Features ◇●◇●
• A story with both cities’ facilities folktales industries etc. as its motifs.
• A simple and easy-to-understand field with only two arrow keys and two buttons.
• A smooth 4 command input formula battle system.
• An abundant conversation event stories.

●◇●◇ Story ◇●◇●
In this "world" made up of ten countries there was a peaceful and prosperous era over 200 years. And when history and tradition are being lost from people's memories monsters became violent and various unexpected changes occur in various places. The priest of the Great Ice River Temple which saw the situation to be dire ordered an unusual investigation to the shrine maiden Loussier of the Holy Spirit …

And Loussier meets a boy in the northern kingdom.

●◇●◇ GPS Communication ◇●◇●
By actually visiting the places specified in the game and connect your GPS through this app you will be able to get "Primrose Flowers".
You can exchange Primrose Flowers with powerful items and weapons in-game.

The specified places are a variety of stone monuments shrines and temples public facilities etc. where their stories are not yet well known.
Please enjoy this local visit as a trigger to deepen your interest and understanding of the city.

In addition we will acquire your location information with this function.
Please follow message display in the app and use it after agreeing to obtain position information.

●◇●◇ Billing ◇●◇●
Although the game is free-to-play there are some purchasable items in-game that can help you advance in the game more favorably.

1. Orb of Blessings
【1 piece / 120 yen (up to 5 pieces)】
• An Item for receiving the "Blessing of the Holy Spirit" which strengthens your characters.
• The status increase during level-up increases and all weapons and armors can be equipped.

2. Ability Rubies
【15 pieces / 120 yen (up to 45 pieces)】
• An item that grants special abilities to characters.
• Various abilities such as "Double experience" and "Attack Power + 30%" can be equipped.

3. Game place Coins
【200000 coins / 480 yen (can be purchased only once)】
• You can exchange these coins for powerful weapons and items.

Although you can finish the game without purchasing anything if you purchase the package of [Orb × 5 + Ruby × 15/480 yen] you’ll be able to enjoy the game to the fullest.

● ◇ ● ◇ New game with take over ◇ ● ◇ ●
After clearing the game you can start the game again from the beginning but with all of your previous status and items. When you restart the application after clearing the main part of the game the button "New game with take over" will appear on the start screen.

Even if you have already cleared the game please note that the "New game with take over will not be displayed unless you clear the game again with the latest version.

● ◇ ● ◇ Other ◇ ● ◇ ●
Saitama City New Business Award 2015 Business Plan Award
• Saitama Prefecture Management Innovation Plan Approved Project
• The story of the game is fiction. It has nothing to do with real people and groups.

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