Mech Arena: Robot Showdown2.01.04

Mech Arena: Robot Showdown v2.01.04

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Mech Arena: Robot Showdown 2.01.04
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Loading... Mech Arena: Robot Showdown 2.01.04
Loading... Mech Arena: Robot Showdown 2.01.04
Loading... Mech Arena: Robot Showdown 2.01.04
Loading... Mech Arena: Robot Showdown 2.01.04
Loading... Mech Arena: Robot Showdown 2.01.04
Loading... Mech Arena: Robot Showdown 2.01.04
Loading... Mech Arena: Robot Showdown 2.01.04
Loading... Mech Arena: Robot Showdown 2.01.04

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🛡️ Mech Arena is a FREE quick-fire competitive robot game with explosive PvP team battles deep combat tactics and limitless customization.

In this shooter you can play custom matches against your friends or get them in a team to take down players from around the world in live 5v5 and 2v2 matches. With maps designed for fast PvP combat battles take just 5 minutes!

Just select a war robot from dozens of options equip it with the perfect weapon loadout and take on all comers in the arena. Then customize the looks and performance of your bots as you rise up the divisions to reach the top. With instant team match-making you can go from pocket to live battle in this robot game in less than a minute.

Make your name as the greatest shooter in the Mech Arena League today. The world is watching!



Vie for territory in Control Point Clash battles test your teamwork in 5v5 Deathmatch mode or go toe-to-toe in 2v2 Deathmatch combat. Whatever you choose you’ll need to hone your shooting game and strategize with your team to come out on top.

Are you a stealthy sniper? Or are you a shooter that likes getting up close and personal? In this robot game every map favors different mechs and tactics. Play under the neon lights of the Forbidden City or take your combat to the stars at Elon Station Gray. Explore and master them all!


Strap in and enter a new era of robot fighting games. With over a dozen distinctive bots and more than 30 weapons to play with you can prepare for whatever the opposing team throws at you during battles. Upgrade your favorites and trick them out with 500+ skins to express yourself in the PvP arena!


Blind your opponents’ best shooter with targeting jammers. Wreck their war robots by ramming them at speed. Deploy energy shields repair fields jump jets proximity mines and more. Know when and where to use the abilities of your bots if you want to win in combat.


Play your game by your rules: pick the map mode and players you want in a Custom Match. Prepare a killer new tactic set up a PvP tournament for bragging rights or try out some new bots and weapons. In this robot game the choice is yours.


Hit all your objectives in weekly Events or battle through heat after heat in competitive Tournaments to show that you’re a cut above the rest. Prove your worth to win big and write your name in Mech Arena history.


Robot fighting games have never been this effortless to play. Intuitive controls make it easy to get the hang of your war robots even in your first PvP battle. Want to play it your way? Customize your controls so your bots fit your needs. Then show your competition what all-out war means!


Mech Arena is a shooter designed to run smoothly on most 4G/LTE networks. So you can enjoy combat with your war robots on-the-go wherever you are. With short battles lasting a few minutes this robot game is perfect for a quick break!


• Items are available for purchase in this robot game. Some paid items may not be refundable depending on the type of item.
• Mech Arena is available in English French German Italian Chinese (Simplified & Traditional) Japanese Korean Portuguese (Brazilian) Russian Spanish and Turkish.


Mech Arena: Robot Showdown Website: https://plarium.com/en/game/mech-arena-robot-showdown/
Mech Arena: Robot Showdown Support: [email protected]
Mech Arena: Robot Showdown Community: https://plarium.com/forum/en/mech-arena/
Privacy Policy: https://plarium.com/en/legal/privacy-and-cookie-policy/
Terms of Use: https://plarium.com/en/legal/terms-of-use/
Privacy Request: https://plarium-dsr.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

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Mech Arena: Robot Showdown / What's New in v2.01.04

The new update has arrived here. Here's the lowdown:

- Cheetah rebalance. We've buffed Cheetah's mine damage by a staggering 84% and increased Mech's health by 37%. Get in close and make your enemies hurt!
- Report Cheater button. Report suspicious player behavior while still in combat - let's make the game better together!

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