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不背单词 5.0.6
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Loading... 不背单词 5.0.6
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Loading... 不背单词 5.0.6
Loading... 不背单词 5.0.6

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「 高效刷词备考,我有 4 大法宝 」

- 考义:真题考义加粗标注,记忆有重点
- 考点:单词 & 真题词组配套学,一次学习,双重回报
- 考频:单词考频一看便知,合理分配学习时间
- 考题:随时查看真题例句,实战演练考试不慌

「 真实语境记单词 」

- 150万+ 条原声例句,出自你喜欢的剧集、电影等真实语境
- 地道词组搭配,解读词义、体现用法

「 丰富的学习内容 」

- 2000+词根词缀,覆盖近 2 万词条,追根溯源深入解析
- 5500+派生词汇树,以熟词记生词,加深理解高效记忆
- 柯林斯双解词典,豆瓣评分 9.7 的学习型词典

「 全面的单词词书库 」

- 小学/初中/高中/四级/六级/考研/托福/雅思/专四/专八/专升本/日常生活/商业法律/人文社科/朗文/COCA/BEC/GRE/SAT/GMAT/MBA/托业等权威词书任你挑选

「 巩固记忆有绝招 」

- 独特拼写测试,学完一组动手拼写强化记忆
- 记忆算法智能安排学习,在遗忘临界点提醒复习
- 单词随身听记,高效利用碎片时间

「 拯救学习拖延症 」

- 签到学习送大把酷币,背单词不犯拖延症
- 不定期组队打卡活动,充分调动学习积极性

「 我们还有什么? 」

- UI 简洁 ,操作简易,专注学习,不受打扰
- 客串壁纸App,每次学习都有惊喜
- 主题明亮/深邃/极夜三种可选,支持跟随日出日落切换

「 不背成绩单 」

- 50000+五星好评
- App Store 首页通栏推荐
- 小米金米奖
- OPPO 至美奖
- 腾讯应用宝小红花奖
- 豌豆荚设计奖

「 不背成长关爱热线 」

- 微信公众号:搜索「不背单词App」
- 官方 QQ 交流群:758465732
- 新浪微博:@不背单词App
- 不背单词应用内:设置-帮助中心
Do not recite vocabulary is an app for learning vocabulary in real context.

Here is a one-stop solution tailored specifically for English exams. In the real context created by a large number of voiced example sentences the meaning and usage of the words are presented and the intelligent memory algorithm allows you to master the words scientifically and efficiently.

"Efficiently brushing words for exam preparation I have 4 magic weapons."

-Examination of meaning: the meaning of the real test is marked in bold with important points in memory
-Test site: vocabulary & real test phrase matching learning one-time learning double rewards
-Test frequency: You can know the word test frequency at a glance and you can allocate learning time reasonably
-Exam questions: check real examples and example sentences at any time don’t panic in actual combat practice exams

「Real Context Memorize Words」

-1.5 million+ original example sentences from your favorite dramas movies and other real contexts
-Authentic phrase collocation interpret word meaning and reflect usage

"Rich learning content"

-2000+ root affixes covering nearly 20000 entries and in-depth analysis of the roots
-5500+ derived vocabulary trees memorize new words with familiar words deepen understanding and efficient memory
-Collins dual-solution dictionary a learning dictionary with a Douban score of 9.7

「Comprehensive vocabulary library」

-Elementary school/junior high school/high school/level four/level six/postgraduate entrance examination/TOEFL/IELTS/fourth grade/eighth grade/postgraduate/daily life/business law/humanities and social sciences/longman/COCA/BEC/GRE/SAT/GMAT/ MBA/TOEIC and other authoritative word books for your choice

"There are tricks to consolidate memory"

-Unique spelling test complete a set of hands-on spelling to strengthen memory
-The memory algorithm intelligently arranges learning and reminds to review at the critical point of forgetting
-Word Walkman memorization efficient use of fragmented time

"Rescue learning procrastination"

-Sign in to learn to give away a lot of cool coins memorize words without procrastination
-Unscheduled team check-in activities to fully mobilize learning enthusiasm

"What else do we have?"

-Simple UI easy operation focus on learning no interruption
-Guest appearance wallpaper App every time you learn there will be surprises
-The theme is bright / deep / polar night three options support to follow the sunrise and sunset switch

「Not memorizing transcripts」

-50000+ five-star praise
-App Store homepage recommendation
-Xiaomi Golden Rice Award
-OPPO Best Beauty Award
-Tencent App Bao Xiaohonghua Award
-Pea Pod Design Award

「Don’t Back to the Growth Care Hotline」

-WeChat Official Account: Search "App without memorizing words"
-Official QQ exchange group: 758465732
-Sina Weibo: @不背词App
-Do not recite words in the app: Settings-Help Center

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