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No more router configuration needed. Testing your projects on smartphone or tablet is just one click away.

This app needs the new version of MAMP PRO 4 which can be downloaded here:

To see a host appear inside the MAMP Viewer the option "for MAMP Viewer (LAN only)" has to be checked for the host(s). This option can be found in "Hosts" - "General".
MAMP PRO (macOS) and MAMP Viewer (Android) has to be in the same LAN to work.

Learn more about MAMP Viewer and watch this screencast:

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MAMP Viewer / What's New in v1.0

Known issue: If you want to use MAMP Viewer with SSL hosts and Apache please set "SSLStrictSNIVHostCheck" in your httpd-ssl.conf template to "off".

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