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Welcome to "mm Graph" a free graph plotting android app to help you plot two-dimensional X-Y data on a mm-division graph-paper very easily.

If you are a student having difficulty in plotting your data on a millimeter-division graph paper you should download the mm 'Graph app'. The app would guide you step by step in marking the data points on the mm-division graph paper along with showing you all the relevant calculations.

If you want to accomplish more with the app you need to get the Pro version namely 'mm Graph Pro' from Google Play Store.

With the Pro version you may additionally:

* Draw your graph anywhere on the mm-division graph-paper by shifting the origin by changing the axes-margins etc.

* Perform custom grid-scaling i.e. change the values corresponding to the smallest scale (1 mm) divisions along the X and Y axes.

* Import data already saved in files in your device into your app in different formats and different layouts. You may also edit the imported data before plotting.

* Make use of an embedded clock and stop-watch to take data readings which require a timer.

* Plot up to five sets of data for e.g. five sets of drain-current versus drain-to-source voltage for different gate-to-source voltages in a JFET transistor.

* Plot as many data points as you wish.

* Orient the graph paper vertically or horizontally for an optimum plot.

* Even after a graph is drawn you may edit X-Y values for a data point or delete a data point from the graph and replot.

* Modify the X and Y axis variables for e.g. change X to log(X) Y to 1/Y etc.

* Insert text and arrow annotations on your graph to highlight important facets.

* Record the details of your lab-assignment related to the plotted graph.

* Save the full-sized e-graph (which exactly mimics an actual millimeter-division graph paper) with the plotted data into your mobile device.

* Also save the X-Y data set(s) to your device in different formats like .dat .csv .txt etc so that you may plot them later with your 'mm Graph Pro' app or any other graphing software if you so wish.

* Share your saved data and image files with your teacher classmates friends or anybody through WhatsApp or email from right inside the app.

* Get answers to 'Frequently asked questions'

And more ....

While students of all ages and disciplines are bound to find the app helpful teachers too would find the app useful when checking graphs drawn by students with custom origins custom graph-axes lengths and custom graph scales.

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