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PentestSuite-Community Version v2.7.4.1

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Mobile hackers' choice

PentestSuite is a tool that let you intercept tamper and analyze the network data. Currently it supports transport(TCP/UDP) layer and UDP related features is under construction.

PentestSuite provides these features by three main elements:

* A TCP server is provided with HTTP service and HTTP proxy service implemented. Using SSL parser to decrypt HTTPS messages will require the certificate installed which can be obtained from the HTTP service provided by THIS TCP server.
* A UDP server is provided with VPN service implemented(BETA).
* Specify with a list of rules to intercept and tamper the data automatically or manually on the fly.
* An easy and clear way to see every details in TCP/UDP messages with a set of filter options provided.

* Quick position the target channel with provided convenient navigator.
* PROCESSOR is embedded to format and generate the specific data currently HTTP format is implemented well and more formats is expected to be implemented in the future.
* MESSAGE AUTOMATIC GENERATOR is embedded which provides a configurable way to quickly implement an automatic message sending process. This is often been used to implement an attack like fuzzing brute force force browse etc.

* With payload generator and customizable library payload will be saved edited and generated in a fast way.
* PAYLOAD SETTINGS GENERATOR gives another easy way to generate your setting. Currently two generator are supported: (1) MULTIPLE VARIABLES - Handles the situation where multiple variables exist. (2) HTTP - Handles Content-Length change in HTTP format message based on MULTIPLE VARIABLES.
* Specify DELAY index to restrict the sending speed of messages.
* It provides an interface that gives users the ability to generate a chart regarding the related data which currently supports response size and elapsed time.
* An easy and clear way to see every details in generated TCP/UDP messages with a set of filter options provided.

* Provide simple and quick encoding and decoding service including URL BASE64 GZIP MD5.

This is the community version and it provides less features which are available in premium version.
Difference between premium version and community version are shown here.

* Message automatic generator
* Internal browser
* VPN support(Beta)
* Search feature
* Unlimited message replacer rule
* Unlimited message blocker rule
* Clear and profession view(No added help text and pop up text)

Community version provides basic features and demo of premium feature. It's highly recommended to start from Community version before purchasing the Premium version.

Premium version: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gulizhiguhao.pentestsuite

More information source:
Telegram: https://t.me/pentestsuite
Blog: https://pentestsuite.blogspot.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/guhao95518074?s=09
YouTube: https://youtube.com/channel/UC1g0b_Pi-c5T7eBgx4XQgkg
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hao.gu.7127


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PentestSuite-Community Version / What's New in v2.7.4.1

Version updates
* Fixed message blocker window tag error
* Fixed message blocker forward option error

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