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Video to Image Converter v1.0.8

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Video to Image Converter 1.0.8
Loading... Video to Image Converter 1.0.8
Loading... Video to Image Converter 1.0.8
Loading... Video to Image Converter 1.0.8
Loading... Video to Image Converter 1.0.8
Loading... Video to Image Converter 1.0.8
Loading... Video to Image Converter 1.0.8

Video to Image Converter / Description

Easy Converter helps you to capture images from your favourite video and you can easily share those with your friends. (video to photo / video to image). We can say this app as
► Video to Frame Capture
► Video to photo converter
► Capture images from Video
► Photo capture from Video
► Video to image converter

How Video to Image Converter App Works!
► Select Videos from video gallery screen
► Click on capture button and take snap of specific moment
►All images saved in specific folder.

Easy Converter works on four major principles

Quick Capture

This is the most basic form of function and gives you what you see. You play the video and manually press the capture button at any time you want and the app simply captures the frame at that very instance. This gives you the exact image extractor you are looking for.
Time Capture

This is a more advanced function and will be helpful if you need to capture multiple frames from a video. It allows you to select how many frames you want to capture and what intervals you want to capture them. You can select a video and set a timer (for example a frame capture at every 10 seconds). The app will automatically capture a frame at every 10 seconds of the video. All the pictures will then be added to a folder from which you can select what images you need to keep or delete.

Move to gallery for any picture

This top feature allows user to save any picture direct into your gallery. So you can easily access to your picture without roaming around and look for your desire picture.

Editing Images
Easy Converter app have unique feature of applying different types of editing on your images and save edited images in gallery.Through editing feature in of converter app you can easily apply various type of filters on images apply cropping in different sizes add different background colors on images.you can also add text on your images at any place.

Key Features of Video to Image Converter App
►User friendly interface for snap photo from video.
► Easy to delete snapped images at a time
►Easy to delete unwanted images after captured all images.
► Easy to Share Snapped / captured photos
All photos will be accessible from your Phone Memory.

20+ Filters for Pictures
NormalStruckClaredonOld ManMarsRiseAprilAmazonStarlitWhisperLimeHaasnBlue-messAdeleCruzMetropolisAudrey.
We designed lots of great filter effects. We believe you will love them

Add Background
Add white & black & blur & more colour background on your images
We also designed beautiful patterns: love dot xoxo texture and so on

cropping images in different size free crop 9:16 and different more sizes.

Add Text
video to images converter app having unique functionality of adding text on your images.

Video to Image Converter App have another features of rotation.you can easily rotate your images in clock and anticlockwise also.

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