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Lekh Diagram v2.3.0

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Lekh Diagram 2.3.0
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Express your ideas on Android devices simply by sketching shapes with your finger. Lekh Diagram will recognize your sketches and will convert them into regular shapes.

Lekh Diagram can be used to make diagrams flow chart organizational chart business process diagram venn diagram mind maps and any kind of illustrations.

Lekh Diagram’s powerful and unique shape recognition engine can recognize various shapes and connections. Draw shapes and connections by dragging your finger on touch screen and the Lekh Diagram will recognize drawing and will convert them magically into beautiful shapes.

Once a shape is drawn it can be modified and customized. Use standard pinch-zoom gesture to zoom shapes. The Lekh Diagram’s unique vertex handle will allows you to precisely move vertices and control points of shapes.

The Lekh Diagram can recognize drawing connections between shapes. Draw two shapes and connect then whatever way you want simply by drawing the connection.

For very highly customizable drawing the Lekh Diagram supports bezier curves. It can recognize bezier curve drawing and it also allows you to move the control points precisely.

The Lekh Diagram can recognize drawing and erasing of arrow at the end of line curve and open polylines.

And finally you can export and share your drawing in various formats. Supported formats are jpg png svg and lekh.

• Shape recognitions: line polyline bezier curve triangle rectangle parallelogram polygon circle ellipse star arrows
• Convert a drawn shapes into more regular shapes by tapping a button on selection rectangle. Using that you can get perfect square rounded rectangle rounded square equilateral triangles etc
• Add text on closed shapes by double tapping on the shape
• Add free floating text anywhere by double tapping anywhere on canvas
• Add text on connection lines by double tapping on connection line
• Zoom drawing canvas by pinch to zoom gesture
• Landscape and portrait mode support
• Change the stroke width and color
• Change closed shape fill color
• Change font and color of text
• Insert image into diagram from Image Gallery
• Various kind of connections
• Can make duplicate of shape or delete already drawn shape
• Undo Redo support
• Select move scale rotate shapes
• Export diagrams via all available sharing apps e.g. email Dropbox etc
• Export formats: JPG PNG SVG LEKH

This is ad supported free version. To remove ad one time payment is requirement via in-app billing.

We appreciate every feedback we receive. Your constant interest and improvement ideas keep the updates coming.

Check out https://lekh.app/diagram.html for more info.
Visit our youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/avabodh02 for video demos.

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Adding UML to shape library

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