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Vipassana Meditation is a technique of observation and exploration of the mind-body phenomena. The technique leads to purification of mind and can bring about a major transformation in the attitude and behavioural pattern of an individual and through him in the entire society.
It has a unique potential as an instrument for better education health organisation management development and social change for strengthening the concept of secularism national integration and international understanding.
From time to time we all experience agitation frustration and disharmony. When we suffer we do not keep our misery limited to ourselves; instead we keep distributing it to others. Certainly this is not a proper way to live. We all want to live peacefully within ourselves and with those around us. After all human beings are social beings: we have to live and interact with others. How then can we live peacefully? How then can we remain harmonious ourselves and maintain peace and harmony around us?
Vipassana enables us to experience peace and harmony by purifying the mind freeing it from suffering and the deep-seated causes of suffering. Step by step the practice leads to the highest spiritual goal of full liberation from all mental defilements.
Vipassana has been revived after a period of more than 2500 years.

Courses of Vipassana meditation started in India since 1969 however initially there was no separate institution to explore the theory part of the technique. The importance of establishing such an Institute was realized when Mr. S. N. Goenka principal teacher of Vipassana meditation began teaching courses on the Satipatthāna Sutta a discourse in which the Buddha systematically explains the technique of Vipassana.

During the Satipatthāna courses Goenkaji noticed students studying the words of the Buddha (pariyatti) were encouraged and filled with gratitude when applying them in their meditation practice (patipatti). They found their understanding and practice strengthened owing to their experiential understanding of the Buddha’s words. Naturally some of them felt inspired to undertake further study and to provide this opportunity the Vipassana Research Institute (VRI) was established. The principal aim of VRI is to conduct scientific research into the sources and applications of the Vipassana Meditation Technique.

For decades now the words of Goenkaji have inspired masses to not only get introduced to the technique but also to go deeper in their meditative practice. This app aims to make Vipassana Meditation instructions and media available globally to all so that all benefit from this wonderful technique.

Features of the app:
App provides access to VRI newsletters that are published in various languages each month. Various audio files of chantings dohas mini-anapana are also made available. For students who have completed a 10 day course in this tradition they can access additional audio files for the complete 10 day discourse and have access to One day courses and Group sittings held in their area to enable them to keep up with the practice. They can also make donations to VRI via the app.

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