English Tenses7.0 (Patched) (Mod)

English Tenses v7.0 (Patched) (Mod)

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English Tenses 7.0 (Patched) (Mod)
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Loading... English Tenses 7.0 (Patched) (Mod)
Loading... English Tenses 7.0 (Patched) (Mod)
Loading... English Tenses 7.0 (Patched) (Mod)
Loading... English Tenses 7.0 (Patched) (Mod)
Loading... English Tenses 7.0 (Patched) (Mod)
Loading... English Tenses 7.0 (Patched) (Mod)
Loading... English Tenses 7.0 (Patched) (Mod)
Loading... English Tenses 7.0 (Patched) (Mod)

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ATTENTION! Tenses are the most difficult but also the most important (basic) theme of the language!

English Tenses app / Key to English Tenses app - easy way to learn English Tenses! Active & Passive English Tenses (21) + Future in the Past Tenses (4). Bright successful funny easy-to-remember Examples Exercises Explanations and Tests!

Secret Key - to remember All English Tenses at once!!!
Time Markers - words-companions-hints!!
Trainer (live table of cards) for learning irregular verbs!!
Forms of an auxiliary verb: To Be To Have To Do.
Rule _s/_es
The Word Order in a sentence - to learn to speak!
Many tests in the form of tables with functions of the Training Simulator and Exam!
This app is specially useful for beginners and foreigners!!!
Summary Table of key examples of Tenses with unfolding - collapsing Time Markers (words-companions-hints) and Explanations
Colorful Pivot Table of the Formulas of Tenses
Audio Exercices to remember the Key!
The app highlights key words and main points and priorities! Working with the application is easy and convenient… The teaching material is presented clearly and understandably!
The English Verb Tenses are fundamentals of the English Grammar!
To know English Verb Tenses is to know the English Grammar!!!
Indeed all is easy to remember!… Literally for all life! :)
On this manual lots of people have learned the Tenses already… And immediately began to understand the essence of English and to pass serious tests… )
Without Advertising!
The app does not require access to your personal data cameras microphones geolocation.

Much thanks to newest and free Google Android Studio (IDE) for the rapid development of this App !!

DEMO version is available! :)

In "Key to English Tenses + Own Tests" App Variant (Var.2) you can create your own Tests / Exams. It is very easy! Just write them down in MyTest1.txt - MyTest6.txt files (rewrite the templates only). This is very useful for Teachers and for all who wish to work with their own tests!! This App (var.2) will be on the Google Play from 2019 (If this will be of interest… please write us)

Some large trainers use a lot of memory so some older phones may not have enough memory to use them.

P.S. FREE Version (with ads):
English Tenses FREE

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No LP/ google play mod needed
Optimized graphics/ zipalighned
Debug Info Removed


Deepening systematization. Improved interface. Added a Graphic Key (brief reminder/"crib") + a Brief Table of all (Active+Passive) tenses (brief reminder/"crib") + Examples (!) + Updates related to the Android update + Minor bugs fixed

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