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Renovations 3D 6.602
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Would you like to design a wonderful home?
Quickly see how it really would look?
If you are building renovating redecorating or just designing for fun this app is for you!

Use Renovations 3D to design usable plans for your remodeled home your new home or even your dream home.
You’ll be able to see exactly how it could look in 3-dimensions like you are already there.
You can decorate it as you like place and modify décor paint the walls change the windows replace the kitchen cupboards move the stairs; and share it with everybody involved.

Please be aware this is a full featured and powerful design app not just a game this is for creating real world designs for real world homes if you are looking for a simple game to play for a few minutes this app is not right for you.

- Load and save files freely with no size or feature limitations.
- Design straight round or sloping walls with precise dimensions and optional baseboards.
- Insert doors and windows in walls by dragging them in the plan and let Renovations 3D compute the required holes.
- Add furniture and décor move resize and rotate freely.
- Change color texture size thickness location and orientation of walls floors and ceilings.
- Add as many levels (floorplans) as you need.
- At any moment view your design in 3d and make further edits from the 3d view.
- Duplicate your décor with one touch.
- Use the undo/redo feature at anytime.
- Annotate the plan with room areas dimension lines texts arrows.
- Show North with a compass rose.
- Create photo-realistic images
- Choose from 25 languages http://www.sweethome3d.com/translations.jsp
- Choose your units: metric and imperial; fractions and decimals.
- No internet required design on the go on holiday or at a work site if you wish.
- Import a huge amount of textures furniture and décor conveniently packaged in library files. These can be installed from within the app with a tap.

- The Renovations 3D app has been built to be 100% compatible with the excellent Sweet Home 3D http://www.sweethome3d.com interior design application. This means you can easily transfer your work to and from your desktop without modification. Use the working environment that’s right for any situation.
Sweet Home 3D is the world’s most popular free (and open source) home design tool with over 40 million downloads; it runs on all desktop systems. It has even more features than Renovations 3D and is supported by an enormous community of fans.

There is no premium version all features and content are in this version and it’s free! The furniture and textures can be acquired for free as well. This is the only full featured home improvement app on the play store that can claim this. Its development and maintenance is supported by ads; you can if you wish obtain an ad free option for a small fee.

Renovations 3D is very easy to use it comes with many example files and many more examples can be opened from here http://www.sweethome3d.com/gallery.jsp .
When you are ready to create your own home simply…
Press New in the more menu.
Select create room and start drawing points long press when you are satisfied.
Once you have your first room drawn use the create wall tool and just long press the room.
Now you have a room with walls.
From the furniture catalog long press on the item you want and it gets added to the plan.
For example add a door and then drag it onto a wall.
You can now view in 3d and see your brand new room and the doorway with a hole through the wall.
Long press on any wall whilst still in the 3d view and give it a nice wallpaper.
And continue until your home is designed as you would like it to be!

For questions problems or just to provide feedback please contact us at [email protected]
We’d love to hear from you.

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Renovations 3D / What's New in v6.602

Moving Furniture very slow bug fixed
Billing system broken, purchased products not recognized, new purchases failed, both fixed

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