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Quick Arc Launcher 2 v2.53.0

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Quick Arc Launcher 2 2.53.0
Loading... Quick Arc Launcher 2 2.53.0
Loading... Quick Arc Launcher 2 2.53.0
Loading... Quick Arc Launcher 2 2.53.0
Loading... Quick Arc Launcher 2 2.53.0
Loading... Quick Arc Launcher 2 2.53.0
Loading... Quick Arc Launcher 2 2.53.0
Loading... Quick Arc Launcher 2 2.53.0
Loading... Quick Arc Launcher 2 2.53.0
Loading... Quick Arc Launcher 2 2.53.0

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Quick Arc Launcher 2 / Description

Quick Arc Launcher 2 was introduced on Youtube ! (India)


We want to launch the application immediately!
But have not you experienced irritation because you can not find the application soon?

By using this launcher application you can launch the application you want to launch in 2 seconds! By using this launcher you can pre-register frequently used applications shortcuts etc. and start up immediately.
Furthermore as a feature of this application "display of application list" ~ "start-up" is complete with only 1 swipe ! Also since the app list is a fan-shaped according to the movement of the thumb the operation with the thumb is very easy.
As a convenient recommendation function it is "a function to register a displayed launcher as is" or "page turning function". Organization is possible on the page. Also using "shortcut" friends of LINE can also send messages directly.

* [Folding fan] is popular in Japan and the fans.
* Free trial period for 30 days.

[After free period ...]
You can choose from the following.
· Purchase of Premium License (no period limit)
· Android OS License
· Extended free period by watching video
· Limit the items of lists to 4

[License Types]
✓ Premium License
✓ Android 8.0/8.1 License
✓ Android 9.0 License
✓ Android 10 License
✓ Android 11 License
✓ Android 12 License

* [Premium License] is a license that can be used on all Android operating systems without feature limitations.
* [The Android XX License] is a license for each major version of Android. Please note that if you update the Andoid major version of your phone you will need a new Andoid major version license.


[About Phone Permission]
This app owns only permission to make a direct call by the shortcut.
This application does not have access permission to read call logs and contacts.
(There is no permission of READ_CALL_LOG READ_CONTACTS permission)

[About gesture navigation]
The following restrictions apply to the display area of the start area.
・ Vertical length 200dp or less
・ The number of start areas is one ([1] only)

[For those who use smartphones made by Huawei]
This application may be stopped by Huawei's energy-saving function in some cases. Please try the settings below.

· Please approve all in [Settings] - [Applications] - [Quick Arc Launcher 2] - [Notification]. (Please also permit on lock screen)
· Turn OFF applications with high power consumption in [Settings] - [Applications] - [Quick Arc Launcher 2] - [Batteries].
· Please allow this application with [Ignore Battery Optimization] (Settings).
· Set [No limit] in [Background setting].

[For people using LeTV (EUI OS) smartphones]
The application may be dropped by LeTV energy saving function.
Please contact support email address if this problem occurs.



[Feedback and Comment]
We appreciate if you give us any feedback about this sidebar launcher app.
- An anonymous comment is accepted.

[Use service assistance function]
This sidebar launcher app uses accessibility services.

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Quick Arc Launcher 2 / What's New in v2.53.0

Total of 70,000 downloads! (except for the version 1 trial version)
Thank you for using.
I would like to express my sincere appreciation to all those who have purchased the product or who are viewing the CM.

- Android 12L beta version support

- Android 12 beta version support
- Added English language display function

-Added the function to disable when the keyboard is displayed and when full screen (Android 11 or later)
→ Can be set in "Start area"

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