Lio - Excel, Notebook, Register6.1.0

Lio - Excel, Notebook, Register v6.1.0

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Lio - Excel, Notebook, Register 6.1.0
Loading... Lio - Excel, Notebook, Register 6.1.0
Loading... Lio - Excel, Notebook, Register 6.1.0
Loading... Lio - Excel, Notebook, Register 6.1.0
Loading... Lio - Excel, Notebook, Register 6.1.0
Loading... Lio - Excel, Notebook, Register 6.1.0
Loading... Lio - Excel, Notebook, Register 6.1.0
Loading... Lio - Excel, Notebook, Register 6.1.0

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Record all your personal & business data in Lio - be it your accounting customer operations staff notes or personal data. A customisable business app that is an easy to use alternative to Excel on the mobile. It is 100% free safe and secure. It is a perfect app for all types of businesses and for personal use as a notebook/register to note down personal expenses customer details or daily activities. It is like a Tally for mobile that helps you maintain accounts. While it is mainly used by small businesses to keep track of customers orders payments stock income expenses & taxes Lio is also used by individuals to keep a record of personal activities like shopping studies exercise diet plans and to track expenses.

How to use the app?

1. Download the app from the Play Store - Free Download!
2. Login and create an account - Easy login!
3. Find easy-to-use pre-built templates - From shop to health & fitness!
4. Select your use case and pick your category - Be it a Profit & Loss general ledger party ledger or personal ledger
5. Start recording
6. Share on WhatsApp

On the app you can also create your own excel spreadsheet on mobile. Create different sheets for multiple businesses.

Why download the Lio app?

✅ 100% Free Register/Notebooks/Alternative to Microsoft office Excel- No monthly or one time fees

✅ No typing required- Use voice to add data

✅ No Register Limit- Create as many registers/notebooks as you need and add as much data as you want just like you would in Google excel or google sheets

✅ Easy to use- Simple and intuitive user interface for easy navigation

✅ Excel expertise not required

✅ 100% safe secure and reliable- All the data is accessed by only you and no one else. Everything is securely backed up on the cloud so that you don't have to worry about your data

✅ Go Digital- Replace your pen paper and calculator with double-entry accounting on the phone

✅ Easy share on WhatsApp- Share your tally ledger/spreadsheet/microsoft/excel file/excel sheet on WhatsApp directly from the Lio app
✅ Save your most- used notebook or ms excel/google excel/excel as a template and quickly create a new document with all the columns and formulas already created.

✅ 24/7 phone support- If you are stuck anywhere or request a new feature reach out to us using the help button from the Lio app.

From recording your staff salary monthly to adding the inventory this app has multiple data recording uses such as

1. Recording business income expenses GST budgeting loans profit & loss udhar bahi khata and accounting
2. Manage customer records work register staff/salary records attendance order book stock data using customized templates
3. Record household activities such as vaccination maintenance academic schedules wedding planning and health activity
4. Manage household expenses for travel groceries utilities maintenance & fuel expenses
5. With a daily spend register you can plan your financials better than keeping in xlsx files or xl sheets.

Whether you own a small paan shop or run multiple businesses from home managing sales and accounting on the phone is easier than your regular khatabook.

Who is Lio for?

Lio is a perfect data recording app for those who want to keep a record of their sales. You can use it as a notes app to maintain a customer record and find out their preferences and the frequency of their purchase. We have different templates for the following businesses:

Shop Owners
Taxi & Transport
Health & Fitness
Hotel/ Restaurant
Sales & Business
Property Broker
Small Businesses
Medical Clinic
Travel and many more.

Download the app & start creating a tally ledger in your niche template.

Lio की मदद से अब data को secure रखें अपने मोबाइल में। आप अपने हिसाब से Templates भी चुन सकते है। आज ही Lio app डाउनलोड करे और Mobile पर Excel चलाये |
If you have any questions about Lio whastapp us on: +91-9619601744

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Lio - Excel, Notebook, Register / What's New in v6.1.0

Thank you for using Lio. We have a new update for you with amazing new features as below.
1. New Column type Bar Code Scanner.
2. Now you can freeze column when viewing data in a document.
3. Now you can generate pdf with all the columns in one page.
4. Bug fixes and other improvements.

Lio is accessible on web via https://web.lio.io
Lio is now available for iPhone as well, search on app store to download.

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