Rancho - The JEE Apppremium-release-6.2.8

Rancho - The JEE App vpremium-release-6.2.8

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Rancho - The JEE App premium-release-6.2.8
Loading... Rancho - The JEE App premium-release-6.2.8
Loading... Rancho - The JEE App premium-release-6.2.8
Loading... Rancho - The JEE App premium-release-6.2.8
Loading... Rancho - The JEE App premium-release-6.2.8
Loading... Rancho - The JEE App premium-release-6.2.8
Loading... Rancho - The JEE App premium-release-6.2.8
Loading... Rancho - The JEE App premium-release-6.2.8

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Rancho is "THE UNCONVENTIONAL APP" for JEE Mains and JEE Advanced preparation. Rancho gives you everything you need to clear the prestigious JEE Mains JEE Advanced BITSAT VIT and all other Engineering Exams.

How Rancho Boosts your Preparation?
• High-Quality Video Lectures from 20+ Years Experienced Faculties of Kota.
• Learn anytime anywhere an unlimited number of times.
• 200-Question Formula is the Rancho's exclusive way to complete any Chapter by just Solving 200 Questions Correctly.
• There are 70 chapters in JEE syllabus.
• We divided each chapter into 100 subparts.
• Each subpart contains an important concept. (from JEE point of view)
• 200-Question-Formula makes sure that you complete all the 100 subparts within 200 Questions!
• How it works:
If you make mistakes the Rancho’s AI-powered software detects it and gives you another question related to the same concept.
• Benefits:
Once you complete the 200 questions formula on a chapter you will not have to revise the chapter ever! This formula ensures that you will be able to solve 85% questions of that chapter in the final JEE exam.
• You Learn the Concept:
No matter how many mistakes you make Rancho will show you the solution and will help you learn the concept.
• Continue the Streak:
Don't Stop. Keep moving ahead once you solve 200 Questions correctly. Get on the next chapter.
More here: https://rancho.in/ranchos-200-question-formula/
• 4.5 Lacs+ Kota Level Questions
• Easy Medium and Hard Level
• Single Choice Correct Multiple Choice Correct Integer Type T/F MTC Subjective
• Solve each Question with a Timer.
• Get instant solution for each question
•❓Mark Doubts❓
•⭐Mark Stars⭐
• @Add [email protected]
• Clean your Table. Just keep the Book Rough Copy and Pen.
• Now start solving offline questions (from HCV/DC Pandey Cengage etc).
• Tap to Start. Tap to Stop.
• This will Increase your FOCUS Increase your SPEED reduce Silly Mistakes and BOOST you in the Exam.
More here: https://rancho.in/blog/2020/05/29/rancho-deadly-zone/
• Students in Kota solve a 10-Question-set of each Subject (Physics Chemistry and Math) daily also known as DPP.
• A DPP helps you revise all the previously learned chapters and concepts.
• A DPP is like a mini test which keeps your concepts sharp and on the fingers.
• Over 450 DPPs are in the Rancho App!
• Take JEE Main Mock Test right from the App
• Get detailed analytics and solutions after completion of the Test
• Take 30 Question 60 Minutes Chapter Test
• Every chapter Test contains all the Important topics from a chapter.
• This helps you identify crucial weaknesses in the chapter and clear them.
• Concise Notes of Each chapter containing all the Important Concepts and Formulae.
• Refer Anywhere. Read Anywhere.
More here: https://rancho.in/21-days-master-plan/
• An IITian Mentor calls you and mentor-cum-counsel you with your JEE preparation. This allows you to
1. Discuss Strategies
2. Learn Tips-n-Tricks
3. Get Motivation
4. Learn about IIT Experience
5. Get Book Recommendations
6. Clear Academic Confusions
7. Share Discuss and Solve Problems
• Free Youtube Videos to help you clear concepts and understand them well.
• These videos are handpicked by our Team of IITians.
• We strongly suggest you watch them all.
• Take a 10 Question Challenge and check if you are in RED Zone Yellow Zone or Green Zone.
• Challenge your friends to take the Deadly zone Challenge too via Whatsapp.
More here: https://rancho.in/blog/2020/05/29/rancho-deadly-zone/
• Solutions to questions from standard books like HC Verma and IE Irodov.
• More Books are being added in the App.
Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iamrancho
Visit us at https://rancho.in

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