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Expiring Things / Description

With this app you can quickly and easily store and retrieve information about your products: quantity initial quantity expiration date purchase and opened dates container (where the product is stored) price and notes.

The main usage of this app is to manage expiration dates and quantities but expiration date is optional so you can use it also to track location and remaining quantity of products that do not expire.


• Add products with name category initial and remaining quantity quantity unit storage location expiration date purchase date opened date price and notes. Only name and category are mandatory fields the other are optional.

• Add products choosing from a list of previously entered products.

• Add products by cloning an existing one.

• Add products by scanning their barcode. The first time you scan a new product you will need to enter its details manually because the app does not depend on external services to retrieve the product name. Starting from the next time the app will remember the name of the product the category the quantity the unit of measure of the quantity and the expiration date entered for the last scan.

• View products grouped by categories. Three default categories are provided at app start but you can delete them and create your own.

• View products grouped by their storage location (called "containers" in the app).

• View products emphasizing their expiration date or their remaining quantity. In the view that emphasizes remaining quantity you can change it without opening the product details page.

Sort products by name expiration date purchase date opened date or remaining quantity.

Search products by their name or part of it.

• Receive a notification when a product is about to expire. You receive three different notifications for each expiring product and you can change the timing on a per category basis. You can also choose to receive daily notifications for already expired products .You can set the time of the day at which notifications are fired. Please review your device's battery optimization settings if you don't receive notifications or contact the developer for help.

• Upload and download your product list to / from Dropbox: in this way you can share the list of products between different devices and different users provided they login into the same Dropbox account.

• Export and import your data file for backup / restore purpose. You can also send the data file to yourself or other users via Gmail WhatsApp or other application capable of sending files.

The app is free displays no ads and we don't sell your data.

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Expiring Things / What's New in v4.0

• Option to auto-upload to Dropbox while the app is open
• You can now hide consumed products from the main list
• You can now move a product to another container from the product context menu
• You can now navigate to a category's product list or a container's products list just by tapping the category's name or the container's name in the product listing in the main page
• You can now view the entire content of a note just by tapping the note icon in the main product list

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