aRDP: Secure RDP Clientv5.0.8

aRDP: Secure RDP Client vv5.0.8

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aRDP: Secure RDP Client v5.0.8
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Need aRDP on iOS or Mac OS X? Now available at

Please support my work and GPL open-source software by buying the donation version of this program called aRDP Pro!

Release notes:

Older versions:

Report bugs:

If you have questions please ask on the forum instead of in a review for everybody's benefit:

Check out bVNC my VNC Viewer as well

See below for setup instructions on enabling RDP on Windows.

Current known issues:
- May not work for accounts with no password please let me know if it works.
- May not work for users with Cyrillic letters in the user name please let me know if it works.

aRDP is a secure SSH capable open source Remote Desktop Protocol client that uses the excellent FreeRDP library and parts of aFreeRDP. Its features include:

- Remote desktop control of computers running any version of Windows except Windows 10 Home. Install a VNC server for Windows 10 Home and use bVNC
- Remote desktop control of Linux computers with xrdp installed.
- Master password in aRDP Pro
- MFA/2FA SSH authentication in aRDP Pro
- Sound redirection in in aRDP Pro
- SDcard redirection
- Console mode
- Fine control over remote desktop session styling
- Multi-touch control over the remote mouse. One finger tap left-clicks two-finger tap right-clicks and three-finger tap middle-clicks
- Right and middle-dragging if you don't lift the first finger that tapped
- Scrolling with a two-finger drag
- Pinch-zooming
- Force Landscape Immersive Mode Keep Screen Awake options in Main Menu
- Dynamic resolution changes allowing you to reconfigure your desktop while connected and control over virtual machines from BIOS to OS
- Full rotation support. Use the central lock rotation on your device to disable rotation
- Multi-language support
- Full mouse support on Android 4.0+
- Full desktop visibility even with soft keyboard extended
- SSH tunneling for added security or to reach machines behind a firewall.
- UI Optimizations for different screen sizes (for tablets and smartphones)
- Samsung multi-window support
- SSH public/private (pubkey) support
- Importing encrypted/unencrypted RSA keys in PEM format unencrypted DSA keys in PKCS#8 format
- Automatic connection session saving
- Zoomable Fit to Screen and One to One scaling modes
- Two Direct one Simulated Touchpad and one Single-handed input modes
- Long-tap to get a choice of clicks drag modes scroll and zoom in single-handed input mode
- Stowable on-screen Ctrl/Alt/Tab/Super and arrow keys
- Sending ESC key using the "Back" button of your device
- Ability to use D-pad for arrows and to rotate D-pad for some bluetooth keyboards
- Minimum zoom fits screen and snaps to 1:1 while zooming
- FlexT9 and hardware keyboard support
- Available on-device help on creating a new connection in the Menu when setting up connections
- Available on-device help on available input modes in the Menu when connected
- Tested with Hackerskeyboard. Using it is recommended (get hackers keyboard from Google Play).
- Export/Import of settings
- Samsung DEX Alt-Tab Start Button capture
- Ctrl+Space capture
- Clipboard integration for copy/pasting from your device
- Audio support

Planned features:
- Choosing a different color depth

Enabling Remote Desktop on Windows:

Enabling RDP on Linux:
- Install xrdp package


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aRDP: Secure RDP Client / What's New in vv5.0.8

- Security library upgrade
- Thumbnail bugfix
- Fix for keyboard covering dialogs
- Finer-grained permissions requests
- Fix for layouts including QWERTZ, AZERTY
- FreeRDP Upgrade
- Fixes for hardware keyboards
- Security library upgrade
- Updated Target API to 31
- Capture modifier keys on Samsung devices
- Theme visual improvements
- Fix for Chromebook when app is on external display
- Added Portuguese translation
- Disabled highlighting of canvasing when focused s

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